Forty Verses on Reality was written by Ramana Maharshi at the request of Muruganar, who wanted a concise synopsis of Ramana’s teaching, and wanted REALITY IN 40 VERSES | VERSE 04 | SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI. 1. If Self has form, the world and GOD likewise have form. If Self is without. Forty Verses on Reality. THIS IS MY favorite work of Sri Ramana’s. It strikes me as the most complete, the deepest, and the most tersely expressed. Sixteen years .

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Ulladu Narpadu

The abode glory, splendor, light [in which] the mind and world are born and decay are destroyed, perish is the perfect fullness. The body is a form composed of the five-fold sheath; therefore, all the five sheaths are implied in the term, body. If we are bodies, we are involved in time and space, but are we?

We are one and identical now, then, and forever, here, and everywhere.

Society of Abidance in Truth | Forty Verses on Reality

Different from the categories of sleep and perceiving is Consciousness alone indeed ; Knowledge shines forth [and is] not a void. Perceiving sensing, seizing, grasping, taking into the mind is not knowledge. How may there be abidance, of the nature of Oneness of the True own Self?

From by the search is to be attained reached lit. To those who have not realized the Self, as versed as to those who have, the word ‘I’ refers to the body, but with this difference, that for those who have not realized, the ‘I’ is confined to the body whereas for those who have realized the Self within the body the ‘I’ shines as the limitless Versez. So long as the with-form idea the Self is the with-form idea in the Self is in oneself is.


Nowhere we shine appearat no time we shine appearBut we everywhere and always shine. Can the change transformation, modification of ornaments exist truly Without the gold, separately aparthere in this world?

Forty Verses On Reality by Ramana Maharshi

That is the Supreme alone indeedthe Perfect Fullness. For them who see the Truth Beingthere is no movement ever at any time. That Perfection wherein the world and knowledge thereof rise and set, and which shines without rising and rrality, is alone the Reality.

Not having attained obtained the abidance in the accomplishment of the true Self state. The duality of subject and object and trinity of seer, sight, and seen can exist only if supported by the One. More inquiry is weakness feebleness of the mind weakness of conviction. The body does ramaana say ‘I’.

Apart from the body does the world exist? Does one who abides in Truth Being again approach illusion? The aim is to provide the literal meaning free of interpretation and, also, to present the numerous nuances of meaning that can be derived maharzhi the text without deviating from a literal translation.


Visit his website at: In numerous instances, alternative translations of words, phrases, and lines are presented.

This is Saddarsanam, The Revelation of Truth. Various manifold forms of Consciousness are not established as bby [or] divided [from] the true Consciousness. No one will argue that even in deep sleep the ‘I’ ceases to exist.

In the body being the Ramxna, the wise the knower and the ignorant the unintelligent are alike the same. If it is said, that Liberation is of three kinds, with form or without form or with and without form, then let me tell you that the extinction of three forms of Liberation is the only true Liberation.

That State is agreeable to all, wherein, having given up the objective outlook, one knows one’s Self and loses all notions either of unity or duality, of oneself and the ego. While one is anxiously searching, as well as when one has found one’s Self, who else is one but the tenth man?

Can that knowledge that does not know the Self, the one who knows. He who sees God without seeing the Self sees only a mental image. A name was given to him: The contention, ‘Dualism during practice, non-dualism on Attainment’, is also false.