CSE Agency Case Identifier: See NMSN Instructions: programs/css/resource/national- medical-support-notice-form currently valid OMB control number. OMB control number: Expiration Date: 06/30/ Document Tracking Identifier: Employer web site: See NMSN Instructions: www. /cse/forms/ unless it displays a currently. NOTE: For purposes of this form, the Custodial Parent may also be the employee when Agency within 40 business days after the date of the Notice, or sooner if reasonable). Case #.

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California Department of Child Support Services > Employer > Income Withholding Order (IWO)

Three Ways to Report Bonus and lump sum payments made to employees are considered income and may be garnished to collect past-due child support.

Choose one of the options below to report these payments: Had the information I needed. Was easy to navigate. Employers could face civil penalties if they do so. Had too little information.

National Medical Support Notice Form & Instructions | Office of Child Support Enforcement | ACF

The document has two parts: This option provides employers with the fastest and most efficient method of sending information. I found this page helpful because the content on the page: In California, wage withholding accounts for more than 65 percent of child support collected.


Income withholding is the most effective method of child support collection. Had too much information. Benefits include less paper, increased efficiency and better results. Employers may report bonus or lump sum payments prior to payout by contacting DCSS at or lumpsumresponseteam dcss.

National Medical Support Notice Form & Instructions

Child Support Professionals Employers. With this option, employers use the Employer Services Web Application to upload information about employees who are eligible to receive a bonus, lump sum or other type of payout.

Examples include severance, vacation payouts, retirement incentives, commissions, awards, and payments as a result of verdicts. The Electronic Income Withholding for Support Order e-IWO process enables states and employers to exchange information about IWOs electronically, which includes information about upcoming bonus or lump sum payments.

For more information on how employers can participate in this quick and simple process, visit the Employer Services Web Application or email employerserviceswebapp acf. Main navigation Search form Search. This National Medical Support Notice replaces any Medical Support Notice that the Issuing Agency has previously served with respect to the employee and the children listed on this Notice.


System Maintenance – Public Website. It may also be referred to as a wage assignment, garnishment order, or an income withholding for support order. Your feedback is important to us and will help improve our website. I did not find this page helpful because the content on the page: To enroll, visit the federal e-IWO webpage.

Bonus and lump sum payments made to employees are considered income and may be garnished to collect past-due child support. This document serves as legal notice that the employee identified on this National Medical Support Notice is obligated by a court or administrative child support order to provide health care coverage for the child ren identified on this Notice.

Skip to main content. How can we improve this page? Previous Page Next Page. The document has two parts:. Office of Child Support Enforcement. Was this page helpful? Other Please specify below.