Products 1 – 6 of 6 If you have biographical information of Bill Dekel please email us. We would like to add it here. Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause. MagicCN Store Air Writer by Bill Dekel and Simon Krause (Download) [ download] – Instant Download! Please give me your email when you buy this item. Air Writer Written by DekEl and Timon Krause Introduction I cannot begin So I gave it some thought and had some conversation with Bill and.

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If they’re not looking for it, they won’t bother you about it. The beauty of Prime is that it doesn’t require you to sit with the person and talk it through; you can just force it with a card. You determine the word. aie

Finally, thank you, for supporting Timon and I by purchasing our work. We’re going to use some contact reading and another anagram for this effect.

Interview With Bill Dekel – Co Creator of Airwriter

Again, running over the method: First, this isn’t for novice or beginning mentalists. Then drop it through the envelope to your right hand the same way you did before, take the dummy card with your left hand, and false pass it back to your right, ditch the dummy in your pocket or sleeve, crumple the envelope, and then unfold their card which you just read off! Have them think of a language that begins with a vowel in their word. Also, I think some of the extended ideas in the book are basically unworkable–or at the very least, dicey–in practice.

The possibilities are limitless, and with some A highly recommended verbal force is Prime, the last effect in this book. This could force a different stone, like a ruby by forcing emerald and apple then asking them to change the color of their stone to the color of their thought of fruit. Your spectator mentally creates a card. You can always change the size of the box if you are having difficulty.


Imagine yourself on a date. Air Writing does take some practice and a little luck, but it has a high hit rate, especially, as Neil said, if you start off by practicing with Timon’s almost sure fire method. While you look away, a spectator writes a word in the air, and you instantly know what it is.

Victor on the Magic Cafe forums mentioned an interesting variation which I had pondered before but forgot to include.

Duly noted, thank you IAIN. This can be done with or without a sort of dual reality. Now shove over the other card and pen, asking them to write it for whatever pretense you like to use.

MindCraft: Psionics

Psionics review copy and really liked Mene, Mene, Dekel, as every single one of the reviewers. As I mentioned in my notes for MMD already I often had spectators suspecting that I was watching out of the corner of my eye what they wrote although I actually turned away far enough and didnt see anything. This might take a little getting used to, so go ahead, look over the charts and try and figure out how everything fits together.

Imagine that a spectator walks up to you and says this: Once you have done hill, imagine it slowly floating out of your mind, and into this card upon the table. If their pupils dilate, you will know which card contains the card they are thinking of.

Even though people write some numbers differently most notably 8and some numbers have the same ending location like the way some people can write 1, 7, 9, and 4, or 3, 5, and 7, among other combinationsif you choose only even numbers, you can still give them a wide range of numbers to choose 22, 24, 26, 28, 42, 44, 46, 48, 62, 64, 66, 68, 82, 84, 86, and 88 from. Everyone needs this because it is simple, direct, and completely impromptu.


Now with your right hand, seal the envelope and then lay it slit side down on the table. He does so, and you hand it off to a second spectator to remember.

Air Writer

Great, now I’m going to turn my head and close my eyes in just a second, and I want you to draw the first digit of your number in the rectangle formed by my hand. Now please think of a country that begins with any vowel in that word. Additionally, when I ask for a word, I often ask my spectator to think of a simple noun, something that you can see. In that event, the odds of him winning the bet are literally 2 to 1. Great, now I want you to think of a time of day that begins with the last vowel of that country, such as rwiter, afternoon, evening, or wfiter.

For example, if they say they see a bright green, it means that they are in a state where they have an enormous amount of energetic potential available to them. Wrier hope you’ve enjoyed this tome to mentalism. Now please think of an exact hour write that time of day that begins with the, say, second to last letter of that time. You now know what they are thinking of, and can move on to a variation.