Hi Guys,. Is there any chance that someone out there has the Airfix 1/72 vulcan instructions and is willing to scan them and email a copy to me?. This is the “Vulcan to the Sky” boxing, see this thread for instructions relevant to the Falklands 25th Anniversary and regular boxings. Airfix Instruction Sheets available for free download.

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Percevier with the etch it will be worth it.

Airfix Instruction Sheets

But then you have to pick the piece up with tweezers, manouvre it to where you hope to stick it and the place it, glued, to your model The supplied kit pieces are, well lets just say a little sparse, hence the etched cockpit.

Further updates to follow Regards Gray Try usung pva glue and jig your part. I used a wash of dark gray to highlight the control surfaces, and I sprayed a highly thinned coat of light gray all over the model to tone down the starkness of the paint.

This left me free vulcah tackle the biggest obstacle, which were the engine air intakes. Thats some fantastic etch from WEM. Sign In Sign Up. I did precisely that, even applying the instrument panel decal.

Airfix 1/72 Vulcan

You cannot delete your posts in this forum. As I feared, the stencils instantly silvered, so I just threw them away. The shrouds surrounding the exhausts airfux painted with Testor Metalizer Aluminum. I thought about it for three days, and was coincidentally helped by a rental of the film Thunderball.

That said, if ever in doubt, ask away and this is the please to do that. Here’s pictures of the bad kit Since there are no engine exhausts, I cut appropriately sized pieces of brass tubing and stuck them in there. You cannot create polls in this forum.


When done, I popped off the glue with a toothpick. I went iinstructions my spare decal box and found fin flashes from an Airfix EE Lightning sheet, a Fujimi Spitfire Mk V sheet provided the fuselage roundel, and the wing roundels came from an AeroMaster P sheet.

In the mean time i will continue the build working around the etch. Thanks for all your comments and tips.

The second prototype demonstrated great promise, so the green light was given to the manufacture of a full-sized prototype, which first flew in A Blue Steel standoff nuclear missile is provided the program was cancelled before it was made operationalas is the modified bomb bay piece to accommodate the device. You’ve got a fair bit of etch there, should turn out to a great build. I’ve also heard the word used as a noun, to describe the instructionz themselves, or to describe a forthcoming session with PE.

Need to get cracking soon as you airfis run out of time to have it complete by the end of July or be working on it into the small hours Admin https: Mark Thanks for looking in and your comments guys. vklcan

A friend of mine approached me as I was walking out of my model club meeting last December and handed me the kit instuctions the MPC boxing and said, “I know that you like big models. Lovely work, and that etch brass is definitely worth the effort.

The Unofficial Airfix Modellers’ Forum • View topic – Glossary Chat

The Avro Vulcan served with the RAF for three decades, beginning as a nuclear weapons delivery system and ending up, like its contemporary the B, as a conventional bomber. Back to Reviews Page Well as it so happens Mike, the physics of this phenomina have been explained in the Spifire build thread in the Shared Builds section.

Need to get cracking soon as you may run out of time to have it complete by the end of July or be working on it into the small hours. Cockpit detail is limited to a floor, two seats, a decal instrument panel and two control sticks. A primer was applied to all the seams which revealed a few more areas that needed attention. The rest of the airplane was going to be easy. There, i’ve said it now feeling much better. Keep up the good work. Of course, the suave and debonair James Bond saves the day with the help of lots of Navy frogmen, making the world safe for democracy.


Already have an account? I just need to remove the fitting lugs once the glue has dried. The first Mark 1 variants were delivered in an overall anti-flash white finish, which eventually gave way to the more familiar gray and green camouflage that the Vulcan wore for the rest of its operational life.

BAe (Avro) Vulcan B Mk2

I made some simple landing gear door retraction struts out of stiff stainless steel wire and glued them in. The substance that Monogram used on the backs of decals in the late 80’s early 90’s.

This will vuldan require removal. Its not the relative complexity, but a mixture of very poor instructions read almost non-existantbadly fitting parts and MASSES of remedial work on the parts themselves. With those tiny windows and overall black color, I can assure that no one can see anything in there at all.

Deliveries of production variants began in and continued on for the next ten years, with a total of being built. I am building the MPC boxing of this kit and intend using the Freightdogmodels sheet for the decals.