Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes. Alex Vilenkin, Author. Hill & Wang $24 (p) ISBN Many Worlds in One has ratings and 20 reviews. John said: I’m not sure who is the better scientist, but in terms of the prose required to address thi. RENOWNED cosmologist Alex Vilenkin, who is director of the Tufts University Institute of Cosmology in Massachusetts is known for his theory.

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He also describes the reaction to his anthropic arguments back during the years when these were not all the rage like they are now:. I was disheartened by such a cool reception….

Feb 17, Adam rated it it was amazing. Simply show that life could arise in another form which was not apparently fine-tuned, and you have buried the anthropoids once and for all. Further, if math is a product of the mind, does the mind somehow predate the creation of the universe? They are all beyond our horizon, so how can we verify that they really exist?

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But on the other hand: View Full Version of PW. It posits solely from observation that we live between periods of accelerated expansion, just as Earth alexx the centre of the Universe.

Michael rated it really liked it Mar 03, This is the first book I have read on Eternal Inflation and I certainly came away from this book feeling that I understand it a lot better than I did going into it.

In the book, Vilenkin does an outstanding job at describing what a true vacuum is, a false vacuum, Negative vacuum, The Scalar Field, density perturbations, Inflationary Process and etc.

He is also witty and illustrates his text with great cartoons. The large numbers of these vacua make any attempts to identify ones that agree with the real world computationally completely intractable. Lists with This Book. I read it upon the recommendation of my science-loving husband, and one of the joys of the book was actually impressing him with my ability to read vildnkin start to finish.


Nicole rated it liked it Aug 06, When Vilenkin first talks about the multiverse implications of eternal inflation he writes on p. These traits are central to his claim that there are a finite number of histories, thus an infinite number of copies of those histories.

Alex Vilenkin – Many Worlds in One – Cosmic Variance : Cosmic Variance

It has plenty of coverage in the press: ScienceScience and SocietyWords. Jul 28, Brian Bloom rated it really liked it. A model of eternal inflation there are as many models as there are Lagrangians you can write down makes some statistcal predictions about the universe we live in, we can make measurements, and then draw conclusions whether this model is believable or not.

There is no escape, they have to face the problem of a cosmic beginning.

Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes

I will quote the author from the fly leaf of the book: We cannot worles other big bangs, nor can we observe distant inflating regions. Given our understanding of quantum field theory, and some assumptions allowing one to try to understand the effect that such fluctuations would have on the background space-time, eternal inflation seems like a reasonable aspect of many inflationary models.

All posible histories are realized. All the more impressive is that this cosmic tour contains enough personal information and anecdotes to give the reader a real feeling for the excitement and camaraderie that is an essential part of being a scientist. One of the requirements is that the false vacuum must decay smoothly, after at least several hundreds of doubling time, so that vilsnkin universe would have expanded beyond the current observable part, and thereby preventing the universe to collapse before it had the opportunity to expand.

In some ways much harder and more technical, yet better at explaining to a lay audience, is Guth’s own original popularization of his “Spectacular Realization,” a book from the s under the title The Inflationary Universe.

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Many Worlds In One

Mark Trodden holds the Fay R. Brian Michael Russell rated it really liked it Feb 21, Observations confirmed his claim. It is a perfectly logically possibility that some features of our universe are anthropically determined.

I was a little surprised by this, since it seems to me to be merely a plain statement of what science really means. He argues persuasively that, thanks to repulsive gravity, the universe is likely to expand forever.

[gr-qc/] Many worlds in one

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Hi, as a plot-inclined person, I would be soooo happy to see a graphical description of just one of the 19 parameters of the un model as a function of any one of the possible needed cut-offs that allowed a mediocrity principle to work out… Mnay would be a start. This is no different from the problem of the cosmic variance problemthe namesake of this blog.

July 2, at 8: You might also find it helpful. The ancients thought it was exactly a circle. What kinds of vacua are there, and how many of each kind? And Steinhardt has proposed a mechanism by which, in his cyclic scheme, the CC value could be explained. When asked for a short phrase to describe his research area, he says he is a particle cosmologist. Also on vilenoin fly-leaf, the publisher writes, “With this book–his first for the general reader–Vilenkin joins another select group: Brian Hackney rated slex it was amazing May 20, Vilenkin provides us not only with a fascinating account of the physics, but also with a fun and, in places, humorous picture of life allex a scientist.

In the book, Vilenkin does an outstanding job at describing what a true vacuum is, a false vacuum, Negative vacuum, The Scalar Field, density perturbations, Inflationary Proces Interesting Book, I am firm believe in the Inflation theory.