English: The aim of the present study was to induce oestrus in postpartum anoestrus dairy cows after the application of two hormonal treatments. With this. Controle sobre GnRH durante o anestro pós-parto em bovinos A secreção do hormônio folículo estimulante (FSH) em vacas retorna aos padrões do ciclo. 18 jun. O seu uso é recomendado para melhorias na fixação e taxas de concepção de vacas em anestro pós-parto, face auxiliar na sincronia do estro.

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Services on Demand Journal.

Expression anwstro leptin receptor isoforms in rat brain microvessels. Ovarian follicular dynamics in suckled zebu Bos indicus cows monitored by real time ultrasonography.

Effect of parity and postpartum diseases on the incidence of ovarian follicular cysts OFC in dairy cows. Estrogen modulation of g-protein-coupled receptors. J Reprod Fert ; 49 Suppl. Reproductive records of 1, lactating cows in their last lactation cycle were analyzed.

Characterization of ovarian follicular cysts and associated endocrine profiles in dairy cows. Opioidergic, dopaminergic and adrenergic regulation of LH secretion aneetro prepubertal heifers.

Evidence for maternal regulation of early conceptus growth and development in beef cattle. Group 1 received two doses of 50 mg of horse anterior pituitary extract HAP on days 7 and 8, and group 2 received UI of equine chorionic gonadotrophin eCG on day 7. The criteria used for the diagnosis of OFC were: Leptin receptor mRNA is expressed in ewe anterior pituitary and adipose tissues and is differentially expressed in hypothalamic regions of well-fed and feed-restricted ewes. Follicular development in long-term anoestrus suckler beef cows fed two levels of energy postpartum.


This difference may be related to increased milk production in multiparous versus primiparous cows, as cows with vacax milk production have an increased incidence of OFC Lopez-Gatius et alFitzgerald et al Synchronization of estrus in suckled postpartum beef cows with melengestrol acetate, 48 hour calf removal and PGF2a. Domest Anim Endocrinol ; 7: Biol Reprod 53, Bovine C-terminal octapeptide of RFamide-related peptide-3 suppresses luteinizing hormone LH secretion from the pituitary as well as pulsatile LH secretion in bovines.

Effect of suckling and ovariectomy on the control of luteinizing hormone secretion during the postpartum period in beef cows. Incidence of ovarian follicular cysts and their effect on reproductive performance in dairy cows: This abstract may be abridged.

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communicationsv.

Revista MVZ Córdoba

Multiparous cows had a higher Odds ratio 2. Services on Demand Journal. The literature also points out that follicular cysts occur mainly in the first 60 days postpartum and result in delay of first service Kesler and Garverick Characterization of a cDNA encoding a novel avian hypothalamic neuropeptide exerting an inhibitory effect on gonadotropin release. Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolismv.

GnRH control during bovine postpartum anestrous

These results are consistent with other studies, in which the increased incidence of OFC in cows is evident due to postpartum abnormalities Lopez-Gatius et alPeter, Instrucciones a anedtro autores. Amino acid neurotransmitter release in the preoptic area of rats during the positive feedback actions of estradiol on LH release.


This study aimed to evaluate the effects of temporary calf removal TCR or eCG administration on pregnancy rates of milking Nelore cows treated with a intravaginal progesterone releasing device IPRD. The animals were artificially inseminated AI 12 h after estrus detection.

Effects of suckling frequency and breed on productive performance, follicular dynamics and postpartum interval in beef cows. Concentrations of progesterone and oxytocin receptors in endometrium of postpartum cows expected o have a anestor or normal oestrus cycle. Localization of gonadotropin releasing hormone GnRH within the bovine hypothalamus. Influence of body condition at calving and postpartum nutrition on endocrine function and reproductive performance of primiparous beef cows.

The bovine preoptic area and median eminence: Nutritional anestrus in beef cows: Effect of controlled heat stress on ovarian function in dairy cattle: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Porto Alegre Sulina,p. Behavioural Brain Researchv. Effect of increasing progesterone concentration from Day 3 of pregnancy on subsequent embryo survival and development in beef heifers.

However, the mechanism explaining the association of parity or age with OFC remains unknown. Biochemistry and Cell Biologyv.