“If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat.”—Rocky Mountain News. If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat.”—Rocky. Title: The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax Author(s): Terry Brooks ISBN: 1- / (USA edition) Publisher: Availability: Amazon .

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This might be my favorite book in the Shannara franchise. I kind of cheated because I read the three following the next one before this one, so I know who survives and who doesn’t. Jun 03, Carl Alves rated it really liked it.

I described it to a friend up in Virginia as “the druid is captured, the elf missing, the shapeshifter and boy are running for their lives and About Terry Brooks Terry Brooks btooks thrilled readers for decades with his powers of imagination and storytelling.

Yeah this one goes 5-Stars.


The others in his party have their own battles to handle when they are separated. Books by Terry Brooks.

This latest volume finds Mr. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. If anything, the second book in a trilogy ought to be better than the first.

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: I could see where the story is going to head. And with the Isle Witch and Druid both vying for time and the chance to obtain the magical books of power stored underneath, the results of the voyage are left up to fate and to the sharpness of their respective skill set.


This book started out ok and in no time at all it kicked into a higher gear than I’ve seen since Elfstones of Shannara. And coming back to Brooks, whom I also consider one of my writing gurus, it is a refresher course of sorts for me to come back to reading fantasy.

But is that possible, when the land contains vicious monsters, and twisted robots constructed of the body parts of humans? Worse, the Druid Walker Boh has died, leaving behind only cryptic instructions to those who followed him into Parkasia, and the Morgawr, who trained the Ilse Witch and now seeks her destruction, has captured elven prince Ahren Elessedil and Ryer Ord Star and is using Ryer’s talents as a seer to track the Jerle Shannara and those who ride it.

As newfound mage Bek Ohmsford and his cousin Quentin Leah rejoin the Free Rover crew of the Jerle Brookd after destroying Antrax, tensions mount, for the Ilse Witch—the Rovers’ mortal enemy—has been revealed to be Bek’s sister, Grianne, and is now under his protection as she struggles to break out of the catatonic state induced by her encounter with the Sword of Shannara. That is the zntrax of historical sagas, which Shannara in essence is.

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax

With the Jerle Shannara under siege and Antrax threatening the bold and unwary, the Ilse Witch finds herself face-to-face with a boy who claims to be the brother she last saw as an infant. The story branched off in a lot of different areas. Almost every form of fiction now feels free to borrow from the conventions of fantasy. Does the richness of your material, the way it keeps opening up atrax new directions that nevertheless turn out to have been present all along, ever take you by surprise?


Feb 17, Savi rated it really liked it.

I will finish the series but won’t read anymore into the Shannara world. As a writer, I have heard that the key twrry effective writing is to keep it simple and informative.

This was better than the first in the series but not great overall. While it still has the problems of a middle book, it leaves the reader with a sense that something was accomplished–oddly enough the very thing I felt was lacking in Isle Witch. The voyage to find the lost magic takes the companions to the continent of Parkasia.

Those readers looking for more depth or less predictability are unlikely to have started on this series in the first place. Are they obsolete or do they still serve a purpose? Jul 24, Jenn Andrew rated it it brioks amazing. What is it they say, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? And with it, the fate of the Four Lands hangs in the balance. Grianne and Bek Ohmsford are the latest members of this bloodline to emerge in a time of crisis and to influence, for good or ill, the fate of the world.

Antrax (Voyage of the Jerle Shannara, #2) by Terry Brooks

I think this was my favorite of the series thus far. It felt quite stretched, and when I finished the last page I realised that not much had happened xntrax the first chapter. It’s still a wonderful story.