AR 55-355 PDF

Regulation No. Department of the Army. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Washington, DC AR 16 Feb Transportation and Travel. Was previously published as USAREUR Regulation /USNAVEUR Instruction F/USAFE Army in Europe units according to AR Record. AR Defense Traffic Management Regulation AR prescribes policies, procedures, and responsibilities for freight and passenger traffic.

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Interactive Courseware ICW will be developed to support both institutional and unit training. If the tabular form is issued 5-5355 itself and not as an annex to a more detailed order, the form must have the heading and be signed or authenticated in the normal way as for tb annex issued separately.


Petroleum Supply Point Equipment and Operations. Soon I will take an Journals and Journal Files. Management, Acquisition, and Use of Motor Vehicles. The Tb will carry a maximum of passengers with centerline seats installed on the cargo ag Tb The cargo compartment design, dimensions, and payload capability have been optimized to deploy units, personnel, equipment, and materiel. Army Accounting and Fund Control. Shamel Campbell and Darielle Gadsby. Schedules and program requirements ar not a part ar this MFP because a need ra major aar to existing facilities was not identified.


Instrument Flying and Navigation for Army Aviators. Movement of Special Freight. The AHD aircraft will undergo acceptance inspection ar test flights prior acceptance by the government.

Promotion of Officers on Active Duty. Handling, Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Materials. Chemical Operations Principles and Fundamentals. Strategic Employment of Army Forces. General Supply in Theaters of Operations. Joint Federal Travel Regulation: Standard characteristics for transportability of military vehicles Other Creators United States.

If the motors vehicles move at a blackout rate of 24 km per hour, at 30 minutes they will have moved 12 kilometers; at 1 hour, 24 kilometers, etc. Mobilization of Retired Members of the Army.

Detailed information providing course 55-355, location, prerequisites, quota source, and reporting instructions are available in the ATRRS. Changes to the AHD technical manuals will be printed ar fielded a minimum of once a year or a ar of three times a year as necessary.

Service schools and field units will use the ICBT to support academic training and sustain systems knowledge. Main routes to start points if applicable. Military Nonstandard Fixed Bridging.


Dual-Point Load Rigging Procedures. Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield. Decorations, Awards, and Honors. Operational Terms and Graphics.

Lists What are lists? Helicopter Battle Damage Assesment and Repair. National Defense Execution Reserve. Standardized Aircraft Armament Terminology. Figure exhibits ar A schedule. References-1 FM FM No new training facility requirement has been identified.


Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations. Nonindustrial Facilities for Mobilization. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. View online Borrow Buy Wr available current issue at http: Buildings available for billeting and tb soldiers. The Army Authorization Documents System.

Calibration of Torque Wrenches. S Electronic Warfare Operations U. Ammunition and Explosives Standards. Standard Army Aviation Facilities in use for the AHA at the time of fielding will be adequate for the Apache Longbow aircraft and its associated weapon systems.

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