In the spirit of T.E. Lawrence, Wilfred Thesiger spent five years wandering the deserts of Arabia, producing Arabian Sands, ‘a memorial to a. Arabian Sands is Wilfred Thesiger’s record of his extraordinary journey through the parched “Empty Quarter” of Arabia. Educated at Eton and. THESIGER, Sir Wilfred Patrick. Arabian Sands. London: Spottiswoode, Ballantyne and Co Ltd for Longmans, Green and Co Ltd,

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He would not have any guest who came to his tents go away hungry. This, and a dozen similar stories in the book, seemed not cause Thesiger any dismay, and certainly didn’t influence his perception of the people. I would argue that he had less than he thought.

For starters, Thesiger devoted little energy to visually describing things. Arabian Sands Wilfred Thesiger Snippet view – Lists with This Book. Thesigrr can tell, but I am sure that I know more about the care and breeding of camels than the average suburban office worker will ever need to know.

In arbaian travels every grain of sand has meaning. The Telegraph called the book a “precise sand emotionally charged account of his desert journeys”, adding that it “gained him a new reputation in late middle age as a writer, albeit one influenced by the romanticised prose of Lawrence and Doughty. Rub al Wilfree, also known as the Empty Quarter, the most desolate land on the whole planet. Theisger by no mark believed that the money would benefit the Bedouin who had always considered themselves superior to the town folk.

Arabian Sands

I like to browse through my books on a Sunday morning for some strange reason and came across this book that I read when I was working in Saudi Arabia and, as I had also met the bedouin and taken tea with them, I was interested to hear about Thesiger’s travels in that country.


The zrabian has minimal loss of material at the tips and a tiny chip at bottom rear panel which is he beginning of a one inch tear; some tearing at spine ends and the spine is somewhat darkened; modest edge wear.

Quotes from Arabian Sands. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But when I read a book about a trip I’ll probably never take, I want to feel like I’m there, and Thesiger either di Hmmm, well, I guess I can’t honestly recommend this.

Empires were built by men like Thesiger, driven by the need to claim to be the first to Wilfred Thesiger was born a few centuries too late, given his enterprising spirit and his thirst for the pristine lands, untouched by human development.

For me exploration was a personal venture. Thesiger is a wilgred, explorer and naturalist.

Sir Wilfred Thesiger: Arabian Sands, 1959. £195

God has brought you here — drink. He travelled with the Bedouin people, or as he calls them Bedu, experiencing their daily challenges of extreme heat, ice cold nights, long treks with camels under the relentless sun and the daily challenge of hunger and thirst.

His travels in the Empty Quarter of Arabia between and and describes the vanishing way of life of the Bedu. Even though he was born theisger British parents stationed in Africa at the time of his birthand educated in the UK, he said that he was most at home in the Arabian Desert.

Original Price is intact. The overarching message is one of incredible complexity, impossible to put into words, but incapable of simplification or stereotyping. I do not know Arabic; names became a total blur to me. As a result, at the end of the book one is left with this incredible understanding of and sympathy for the culture of the Bedu. Folding map tipped into rear endpaper – “The remarkable true story of one of willfred last great adventures of modern times”.


The Daily Telegraph stated: Arabian Sands includes accounts of both these crossings and is illustrated with Thesiger’s own dramatic photographs.

The recipient being Robin Hodgkin, the noted Educationalist and Mountaineer. I thought that was pretty arrogant.

As New full leather edition, has folding map laid in at the front. He immersed himself into their life, sharing food and water, hardship and company.

Sir Wilfred Thesiger: Arabian Sands, £ · Type & Forme

A fine companion volume, also b Even T. At first he could not stand the physical strain of camping shoulder to shoulder with so many men who never talked when they could shout. But my bigger complaint is with Thesiger’s thorough, oft-stated dismissal of everything and everyone not Bedu. There is something of the outdated ‘noble savage’ Romantic outlook I’m thinking of Fenimore Cooper and the last of the Mohicans in the above quote, but the arguments Thesiger brings in support of his thesis are convincing and often heartbreaking.

Find Rare Books Book Value. He certainly couldn’t go wherever he wanted. Finely bound in full luxurious leather with gold embossed decoration and gold gilt edges. I believe only St Exupery surpasses him when it comes to the spiritual joy the desert awakens in the a man who finds himself hundreds of miles away from the nearest inhabited land.

He scorns the advances of technology and the easy life of the coasts, finding solace instead in surroundings that would send most men fleeing across the sandy wastes gibbering in fear. In most places he visited, he was the first European ever to set eyes on the dunes and wadis of those deserts.