Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data McKenna, Terence K. The archaic revival: speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual re- . Cited by the L.A. Weekly as “the culture’s foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience,” Terrence McKenna is an underground legend as a brilliant racon. One of the main themes running through McKenna’s work, and the title of was undergoing what he called an “archaic revival”.

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How did the level of mystical awareness and manifestation of the shamans compare with the ashram gurus of India? Thanks to my brother Dennis and to Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham, all of whom helped me clarify my ideas.

It is present in small amounts in the human brain. It is that intense. A huge amount of research was poured into that.

On a visionary or an oral basis? What I think is going on with psychedelics, especially the tryptamine family and I will return to thatis some kind of intimation of an objective reality. High Frontiers Interview 26 with Will Noffke 3. Scholar, theoretician, explorer, dreamer, pioneer, fanatic, and spellbinder, as well as ontological tailor, McKenna combines an erudite, if somewhat original, overview of history with a genuinely visionary ap- proach to the millennium.

It was they who later realized the alchemical dreams of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries — and the twentieth century — with the transformation of elements and the discovery of gene transplants. On February 7,McKenna’s library of over rare books and personal notes was destroyed in a fire at the Esalen Institute in Big SurCalifornia.

One of the great takeaways is that all those buttoned up scientists of the first world initially learned about the medical efficacy of plants from indigenous shamans who received their knowledge in a direct pathway from the plant world itself in the form of ayahuasca or similar vegetal means.

If you want a more rigorous and grounded read, I would recommend “Food of the Gods,” by far his best work. Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies.


Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival

If I were unique, then le of my conclusions would have any meaning outside the context of yself. And the nuclear death and the life-affirming factors are so inextricably intertwined that it will remain a horse race right up until the last moment. Arthur asked how, then, he could be expected to im- prove it. I wonder if that is true.

Will Noffke’s interview with me appeared in High Frontiers, no. One of the consequences of this is that not enough has been written about the phenomenology of personal experiences with the vi- sionary hallucinogens.

And I think what’s really happening is that a dialogue opens up between mckennna ego and these larger, more integrated parts of the psyche that are normally hidden from view.

The number of topics in this book is astounding, so anyone interested in scifi, fantasy, ethnobotany, travels in south america, aliens, Lovecraft, pantheism,and a lot of others. Did you recognize the voice as being different from the voice with which you normally talk to yourself?

The basis of the theory was originally conceived in the mids after McKenna’s experiences with psilocybin mushrooms at La Chorrera in the Amazon tereence him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I Ching.

At the synaptic site of activity, all available bond sites are being occupied, and one experiences the mode shift occurring over a pe- riod of about thirty seconds. Mushrooms and Evolution This should be kept in mind when dealing with these cultures.

Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival | Mind Bending Truth

The problem is that we are actually so inundated by these sig- nals — these other dimensions — that there is a great deal of noise in the circuit. My Life with Terence McKenna ebook 1st ed. In his own words here on pages and Among Ayahuasqueros Furthermore, a call to reunite humanity with itself, our planet, and the Other through direct and lucid experience.

It is not there; it is not there in any tradition familiar to me.

The Archaic Revival By Terence McKenna – Psychedelic Press UK

I think they are trying arrchaic remake the shamanistic institu- tion in a modern form. For the Archhaic documentary filmmaker, see Terence McKenna film producer. Half of this interview was done in a Mexican restaurant in Malibu, the rest driv- ing on the Pacific Coast Highway in Jay’s sports car. The Archaic Revival is also a roadshow of new strains of thought: May 22, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: Email required Address never made public.


You’ve implied that LSD is not truly “shamanistic”; that is, that it doesn’t induce the higher forms of “hallucinations” or vision or consciousness available from natural products like psilocybin mush- rooms. Event occurs at 4: Human beings are therefore the natural agents for a compression that is building up in the temporal world toward transition into some higher dimension of existence. We need all the information available to navigate dimensions that are profoundly strange and alien. Ecstasy is the contemplation of wholeness.

Weekly, MondoCritique, Whole Earth Review, Magical Blend, and the Australian journal Nature and Health all cooperated in the reprinting of essays or interviews that original- ly appeared in their pages. Naturally, as a result of the confrontation of alien intelligence with organized intellect on the other side, many theories have been elab- orated. But I see this incredible bias against using chemical means, even the organic ones you speak of.

We dis- cover ourselves to be characters in a novel, being both propelled by and vichmized by various kinds of coincidental forces that shape our lives. The politics of propaganda. I believe revuval rational exploration of the enigma of the Other is possible and that the shamanic approach to hallucinogenic plants, especially those containing psilocybin and dimethyltryptamine DMTwill be ab- solutely central to achieving that end. It’s established a criteria that says, “If it isn’t in the scrip- tures, it is to be ignored and suspected as being from a dark force.