72 hours. 1/2” to 4” neat (12 mm to 10 cm). 8” (20 cm) with aggregate. ARDEX FDX™. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. 72 hours. 1 1/2” (38 mm). 8” (20 cm). ARDEX TRM™. University pool over flow tank had exposed, rusty rebar and spalled and gouged concrete. Waterproofing was required. Quick turnaround time as September. ARDEX TRM™. Transportation Repair Mortar. Fast-Setting, Horizontal Concrete. Repair Mortar. Portland cement-based, microsilica-modified, fast setting.

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Most tiles are by themselves waterproof More information.

Approved/Qualified Products

Furnish materials in accordance with this Article for the type of surface finish specified. Troweled Install over the surface of existing concrete to produce a new wear layer, as well as to fill in small surface defects such as spalls, gouges, and cracks. Penetrants Forms chemical bond with the walls of the pores, the. Three-Coat Stuccoing Stucco is an attractive and durable cement-based coating frequently applied to masonry and properly prepared wooden, gypsum wallboard, and expanded polystyrene insulation board surfaces.

Total Area to Cover: Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification More information. In addition to repairs, waterproofing was required prior to the opening of the new term. The Architect or Engineer should review the contents and adopt the suggested language as appropriate, ensuring it More information.


Armourwall Stucco Assemblies Armourwall Stucco Assemblies Provide The Parex Advantage The Parex tradition of leadership in the building industry began in with a commitment to growth based on unparalleled. DeckScapes is the most complete line of deck.

Ardex TRM Transportation Repair Mortar 50# Bag

This work shall consist of preparing the surface, More information. Stucco is usually More information. Glass microspheres add body and reduce weight allowing it to hang up to 2 5 cm thick without sag for vertical and overhead applications. Gyproc Plasters The cracks in cement sand plaster are an inherent feature which cannot be completely prevented but can only be controlled and Ardfx information.

Rapid Drying Self-levelling Sub.

The superior adhesion, ultraviolet light resistance, water More information. ARDEX TRM is a formable, pourable, pumpable, Portland cement-based,microsilica-modified, structural repair mortar for horizontal, vertical andoverhead deteriorated exterior and interior concrete on all grade levels.

This work shall include the More information.

Refer to page 5 of this document. Fluid applied flexible acrylic waterproofing system over concrete. Horizontal or vertical repairs Can be sprayed Pot life: The Brock University pool overflow tank ardes exposed, rusty rebar and spalled and gouged concrete.

This Section includes rubberized asphalt sheet membrane waterproofing systems. The Architect or Engineer should review the contents and adopt the suggested language as appropriate, ensuring it. Most tiles are by themselves waterproof. Polished Concrete Floors and Walls A building dating s formally used by a rope and canvas manufacturer is the setting More information.


Or create a new one. These materials consist of More information. Clear and gray Receive normal traffic: Sometimes referred to as thin veneer, thin More information. hrm

ARDEX TRM Transportation Mortar – Construction Midwest, Inc. | Minnesota & Wisconsin

Suitable for overlays and full – depth repairs. Exposed, rusty rebar was sandblasted to sound stable steel. Powered by Insite Software Barnsco Inc.

Brief description The Wecryl waterproofing system allows a high-quality, seamless and crack-bridging waterproofing layer to be installed under loose-laid trk bonded surfacing supplied by others stone slabs. Sources A recent survey of leaking basements showed water comes from a variety of sources, but walls are the usual culprit: Test for moisture at several locations in the room a minimum of 20 per 1, square feet and average the.

See photo below showing this product being applied to a badly corroded floor. Typical applications include plazas, parking garages and balconies. Coating, Water Repellent, Sealant More information. Rough existing concrete with imperfections Products Used: