A basic level guide to some of the best known and loved works of prose, poetry and drama from ancient Greece – Ecclesiazusae by Aristophanes. Assemblywomen, by Aristophanes, posits a system in which the institution for the transfer of wealth within a patrimonial line is subverted by a system that closely. The Assemblywomen of Aristophanes dates from approximately BCE, a time of continuing trouble for a city state — Athens — that had suffered a crushing.

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Interesting Literature

Reading those clues against the cluelessness enacted onstage, I suggest resonances with the widely praised, yet problematic, amnesty ratified in association with the restoration of democracy in BCE. Neighbour But the whole town is talking about it.

He goes back and forth from one door to the other, torn between duty and desire. Shotter and Billig Your lips never cease to utter the wise words that benefit our people in a myriad of ways.

To that jumble of misconceptions we can add those of the Commissioner. Blepyrus By Zeus, yes! He obviously did not manage to ease himself totally. Free speech must henceforth yield to same-thinking, just as property rights must assemblyeomen sharing.

For this tactic, especially Bassi Put the garland on and good luck! Hess takes Assemblywomen as a post-imperial Knightsand Agyrrhius as its Cleon, but see Rothwell Neighbour Not the same at all, mate! Nowhere to be found, nowhere to be seen!

First Old Woman Our laws, young darling, must be obeyed!

Aristophanes, Ecclesiazusae, line 1

In effect, Aristophanes offers us the first literary example of the utopia. The institution of the household in Assemblywomen is expanded into the body politic but its fundamental nature does not change. In this way, the women of Assemblywomen remain within their sphere of labor.


Blepyrus Well, my darling wife, sit yourself down and enjoy your cuttlefish. But law as rapist? She suddenly sees something in the distance Stage Left I wonder what that light is. Third Old Woman Thunderously from behind them Oi!

Aristophanes Assemblywomen – Study Guide

Thucydides speaks of the abundance of herms as a local idiosyncrasy at Athens, where they could be found at the entrance to both private and sacred space 6. Second Woman Absolutely, by Artemis! Cross-references to this page 2: I pray to you Eros let me free and let My boy come to me, and lie deep inside me. Love their fucking, just like they always did. The same with the money and every other thing which is, at the moment, owned by individuals.

Well, it is the law — What are you looking for, torch and all.

Exit Neighbour into his house. More than any other man in the world, by Zeus, by Zeus! Make no noticeable fuss at assemblywomfn. Neighbour And you, my friend would smell of heavenly mint! Hoorah, hoorah, hey, hey! Myronides as exemplar of sasemblywomen and ferocity in battle: Does the play relate in any way to theoretical writers “Moderns 2” read earlier in semester? Chremes, returning from the assembly, comes upon Blepyrus and his neighbor and explains that he was not paid because of the unprecedented turn-out of pale faced shoe-makers referring to the women in disguise.


I took the stick, wore the Spartan boots and stomped my feet on the cobble stones, making as much noise as I could, so that the thieves would think I was you. And this old toad is so old that I can see the funeral urn already standing by her cheeks. He is old and desperately had to relieve aristophqnes but could not find his clothing in the dark.

You there, young aristo;hanes, where are you going in such a hurry? All citizens are henceforth included in this proclamation.


aristopyanes No longer will individuals, men or women, wrangle for dates. Jeffrey Henderson translated the word as a stew of “limpets and saltfish and sharksteak and dogfish and mullets and oddfish with savory pickle sauce and thrushes with blackbirds and various pigeons and roosters and pan-roasted wagtails and larks and nice chunks of hare marinated in mulled wine and all of it drizzled with honey and silphium and vinegar, oil and spices galore.

Real or mirage, this feast celebrates what is, at best, an equivocal salvation for Athens. Right old bastards the bloody lot of them. Aristophanes Assemblywomen —, — First Old Woman By Aphrodite! I am not, however, so sure such a distinction is clearly made; cf. Blepyrus And what sort of life-style will you create for the raistophanes

Indeed, Assemblywomen adheres to many of the ideals of the household put forth by Oeconomicus.