Jan Assmann. Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism . Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Pp. x, Moses the Egyptian has 89 ratings and 11 reviews. the quintessential subject for the innovative historiography Jan Assmann both defines and practices in this . played out in the debates about Jan Assmann’s work, particularly since the publi- cation of Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism.

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And since the differences between divine names, images, myths, and rites do not interfere with the essential function of religion, they are not impediments to omses truth but rather the ways in which the divine manifests itself to different peoples.

Who could properly be considered a Pagan? Masonry was once a force for tradition, but it became corrupted and infiltrated.

Fast so, als sollte es geheim bleiben, was sich dort verbirgt. I am a White Nationalist, because I think that the highest political aim is to preserve our race.

Jan Assmann, Religion and Cultural Memory. This was necessary even in antiquity, when Biblical monotheists lived under polytheist regimes that tried to constrain their worst tendencies. Philosophy of Religion major here, Classics minor, just expressing my appreciation like the Spaniard, Ea, above for having stumbled upon an oasis.


Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests. I knew something was amiss when you distanced yourself from Dugin. Mencken Tito Perdue Savitri Devi. Now Professor Emeritus of Egyptology at the University of Heidelberg, Assmann is one of tje leading Egyptologists of the last half century.

Moses the Egyptian — Jan Assmann | Harvard University Press

Bosman – – Bijdragen 70 3: There are 56 pages of footnotes and index, so it is not really pages. Ourstorian rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C. Thus every Traditionalist is a heretic by Biblical standards. Obviously, we disagree on the larger point here. I like everything about modernity that you hate, for the very reason that you hate it.

Moses the Egyptian

Your rationality is an emanation of the One. John Peter Kenney; Jan Assmann.

You are no Traditionalist in any more sense than those potheads who retch about the unity of asemann things as they gather round the bong. The Upanishads compare it to a spider making a web out of himself. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. Assmann points out another instance of an Egyptian wisdom text incorporated in the Bible.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, cosmotheism became associated with the pantheism of Baruch Spinoza as well as deism and Freemasonry. Islam has struggled with this more sometimes claiming the decrees are good because God said them — which leaves the Good behind in favor of Power as the ultimate value.


People see what they can see and must filter ideas accordingly. Fortunately, these compromises of intellectual integrity have outlived their usefulness. Egyprian trivia or quizzes yet.

Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism

The latter tendency is more to my liking. Of course this is a question that will most likely never be answered with certainty.

Posted July 1, at 7: Posted July 5, at 9: Always on the peripheries are there charlatans, humanists, black magicians, materialists, satanists, powermongers and control freaks who want eternal life on their own terms, gold-lined boudoirs, and the chance to practice their lusts in accord with the motto: University of Wisconsin Press, ], Religio Duplex: The same is true of Western Traditionalists who convert to Eastern Orthodoxy.

At its philosophical core, it has the effect of removing all notions of equality from society. Assmann is no amateur. It will show you what many people won’t talk about: