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Jessie B rated it liked it Sep 22, And Exekias [ 97 – 1a truly great artist who, in his few surviving vases, demonstrates how it was possible to rise above the exigencies ofa technique so poorly blackk to vase decoration, and to express a mood and dignity such as was achieved, ancient writers assure us, in the paintings of the great classical muralists of the fifth century bc.

Some of his best work is on alabastra [26 ], and he specialised also in small neck amphorae. Figire is easier when the production is more specialised – votives for a local sanctuary. The influence of metal vases on the shapes of clay vases is worth a moment’s attention. Inside there is often a figure tondo edged with tongues which have white dots between their tips 1 ]. The Athehian of M. Mastoid cups have a narrow flat foot, flaring lips and one, two or no handles [ j.

Sarah rated it it was amazing Aug 15, There had been earlier Attic cups which lacked the offset lip, such as the more nearly hemispherical merrythought cups [37]. Where these studies imply a knowledge ol geometry far beyond the wit of any ancient potter they can be ignored without more ado. He is capable of delicacy of detail johb real finesse is no longer to be In.

Courting Belly amphora by the Princeton Painter. They arc fine vases, they were freely exported, nohn die series began with plain versions of the Corinthianising Komast cups [21, j. Cups of this class are sometimes called ST cups. Perhaps he had been disappointed of an order for the prize vases. The necks, bodies and feet of bardman vases and of the more articulated small ones were normally thrown separately on the wheel, then joined.

His treatment of them is confident, not yet mannered.


The range of subjects is somewhat greater but the style is still wretched. Sometimes the development of a shape or the invention of a new one has proved an important element in the story of the development of style, and these observations need not be repeated at length.

The squat splaying feet of cups made in a Chalcidian colony in Italy are copied seep. The Top-hand mi mi isms Ii.

Athenian Black Figure Vases

The Laconian type with these details is boack by about or soon after. The borrowings are never slavish and there is a return traffic – with a bronze psykter.

It was for the next generation to attempt to add feeling. He has a good eye for animals, some imagination when it comes to monsters, and was one of the lust of the black figure artists to take much notice of the new vogue for I liescus scenes [, ], whence his name.

But each had wider interests and booardman more varied career 1 h.

Full text of “BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure [ ] Αντιγραφή”

The stamnos has a low neck, high body. The handle zone has a line near its top and almost always an inscription between handle palmettcs. These interests seem to reflect boardmna measure of sympathy for the Pcisistratids and their use of myth and most may be painted before their ejection from Athens in Sparkes uohn Lucy Talcott: Nikosthenes observation of foreign shapes does not end with the amphora.

On these the large handle palmcttes have long, knobbly leaves. Antidoros some have called them Antidoran cups and Nikosthcnes sign examples, the former using the under-foot for the inscription 1 ].

Lydos [ ], at his best, rises to the quality of his seniors, Nearchosor the Painter of Acropolis They appear also on the lydion [], jkhn of the rare Athenian imitations of the Lydian perfume vase shape. To these we may add some names of potters and painters of early red figure – Sikanos, another Sicilian native name; Mys, ot Mysia; Skythes, ot Scythia; Brygos, of Thrace.

Lekythoi Active, if often illicit excavation in Attica and Johb, and the common ancient practice in these areas of offering lekythoi in graves, have meant that we have a fuller record of Athenian black figure lekythoi of the late sixth and early fifth century than of most other classes of Athenian black figure vase.

What changes have there been in the idiom of figure drawing? As a result, his view and ours can be comprehensive over the full range ot the ware, and this has made possible its archaeological use as a yardstick tor the relative and absolute chronology of Archaic Greece.


When some Tyrrhenian painters give komasts, and even some heroes, red torsos but black faces we may suspect lhat the point of the convention is being lost.

This is the way that Corinthian cups had been decorated but the Aghenian Painter adds dots and other patterned hoops to fill more of the interior. First is the trivial but easily. The panels are always full with no figures or spaces wasted.

BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure Vases.pdf [ 1997] Αντιγραφή

It is remarkable, however, that the unpainted pottery of Athens in these years was designed for storage or the kitchen, not lor the table. Ancient Peoples and Places, Vol. The foot is short and splaying wit hmoulding at the top, usually a plain blunt toe like the Little Masters, but tbe hollow cone within the foot is painted black. Apart from works of apparently non-metropolitan artists, which we have i” ‘tteed at Vari and Eleusis, the vases of the Gorgon Painter and his followers 19 soon win.

Paseas used a fine, glossy white or cream for his plaques and one plate, a technique which appeared by about and is often used on later black figure. I lis drawing is not over-precise, but it is never incompetent, and he offers some quite detailed studies. Herakles is his especial favourite and we may also pick out some fountain scenes, possibly inspired by Peisistratid works in Athens; a rustic scene of olive picking 1 ] in which, unusually for Greek art, the trees get something near their full value; and some borrowing from ye cups, such as compositions with eyes usually white now, not outlinedoften Dionysiac and including the frontal mask which characterised the contemporary Group of Walters 4S.

A gorgoneion is promoted to till a plate once [ 69 ]. Yale University Press London: The band cup does. He is fond of lekanai and plates, but decorated all current h. The main frieze has the gigantomachy and below it there is a procession and a hunt, then animals alone.