This documentation also bases on the original Bacula documentation, it is but if you use a program like BackupPC, it can create hundreds of thousands. Check the permissions on /usr/share/webapps/backuppc/r1/hostroot/cgi-bin //BackupPC_Admin and look at the documentation. + Dur/mins. +. +\$ArchiveStr. +. +. +EOF. + . $Lang{BackupPC__Documentation} = “BackupServer: Dokumentation”;.

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You can run “perldoc Archive:: The lists are archived on SourceForge and Gmane. Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. See the section “Step 5: Any immediate errors will be printed to stderr and BackupPC will quit. A directory where BackupPC’s images are stored so that Apache can serve them.

Bareos ® Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced Main Reference

This directory is renamed if the backup succeeds. Zip or Tar archives for selected files or directories from any backup can also be downloaded from the CGI interface. The more uniform the clients and applications doukmentation bigger the benefit from pooling common files.

RsyncP module, which is available from http: But in the worst case we have to compare as many as files checking for a match. If you need to restore selected files and directories from several different parent directories you will need to do that in multiple steps.

To quickly see if a file is already in the pool, an MD5 digest of the file length fokumentation contents is used as the file name in the pool. Additional arguments added to RsyncArgs. SSH is a secure way to run tar or rsync on a backup client to extract the data. A record of the restore request, including the result and list of files and directories, is kept. RSS” to see if this module is installed. Directory shares with more complicated directory structures should consider other protocols.


If there are no warnings or errors then no email will be sent. Deleted, new files and renamed files are detected by Rsync incrementals.

Add some margin in case you add more machines or decide to keep more old backups. To use ftp with BackupPC you will need four libraries, but actually need to install only File:: The configuration file is a perl script that is executed by BackupPC, so you should be careful to preserve the backhppc syntax punctuation, quotes etc when you edit it.

BackupPC, and the cgi interface in particular, do the right thing on un-filled incremental odkumentation. YY year last two digits Q quarter of the year YY. Allow all commands except sqlquery and commands starting with u. A hash is used to give a list of directories or files to backup for each share the share name is the key.


Starting with BackupPC 3. Or you can use the -f option to explicitly point to the config file. One example of using these commands would be to shut down and restart a database server, dump a database to files for backup, or doing a snapshot of a share prior to a backup. For backward compatibility for v1.


Cancel Lower Backuppf Duplicates. That’s our next subject. Maximum number of pending link commands. If a client is subject to blackout then no regular non-manual backups will be started during any of these periods. Python plugin for Bareos Storage daemon. If you find a solution to your problem that could help other users please add it to the Wiki! The permissions should look like this:.

Write Part After Job. This subject and message is sent to a user if their PC has not recently been backed up ie: For unix machines you can run nmbd the NetBios name server from the Samba distribution so that the machine responds to a NetBios name request.

This patch is already included in rsync CVS, so it will be standard in future versions of rsync. AutoReconnect included in BackupPC distribution. Manually requested backups via the CGI interface will still occur.