RULES BATTLE AT THE BERRICS This is flatground only, but that doesn’t mean anything Defensive toe drag has a bigger margin for error,. Submission Rules: 1. Skateboarding Pictures and Videos Only. YOUR POST MUST CONTAIN VIDEOS AND/OR PICTURES OF. The only acceptable reason to go on the Berrics is if it’s BATB and Luan is one of the two . Berrics has been going downhill for a long time.

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Easily the best game of skate I’ve ever seen. Email yourself a link.

If you know nothing about skateboarding, I hope this gives you an overview of the exciting competition. The after-match interview was funny, too. Winning rock-paper-scissors and starting on offense was not a significant advantage.

I think it was like after batb 2. Next, let’s breakout the tricks again, this time by skater. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Views Read Edit View history. The rules are basic. Freestyle skateboarding Street skateboarding Vert skateboarding Slalom skateboarding. Once a trick has been set landedthe other player s must respond by doing the same trick in their first try.


BATB X — There Are Rules | The Berrics

After that team fails to perform one of their tricks, the opposing team sets a trick. I think it was Batb 4. Zur St h lt man die heilsteine lexikon oder den Schmuck fr drei Tage in eine Sch? Generally, skaters who made it further in the tournament landed more of their tricks.

Defensive toe drag has a bigger margin of error but will ultimately be decided by the referee. One person from one team will set a trick. Shutouts tended to be shorter. What is the most insane battle at the berrics match?

If Moose could do inward heels who knows how long it would have lasted. An exception was Nyjah Huston’s 23 trick streak to defeat Gavin Nolan.

Love this game so much. Most matches started the same way: They both are, incredible talent displayed. This skateboarding data visualization requires a larger screen. Let’s group these timelines again, this time by trick instead of by match. No two matches were the same: I looked on the berrics website and can’t seem to find it, you sure it was them two?



Rbung oft auch als Kupfersmaragd oder Kieselkupfersmaragd bezeichnet. Submit any and all questions to the discussion thread discussion thread 3. You have got exposed my personal face in order bberrics different views on this specific subject matter with intriquing, notable and strong content. This shows us some exciting comebacks. Cody was one point away from being eliminated in the first round after his opponent landed 32 tricks in a row the longest streak of the tournament but miraculously turned the game around.

That was hilarious, I haven’t seen that one before.