Brazil on the Rise has ratings and 54 reviews. Fred said: Larry Rohter is an important figure in American is one of the few jounalist f. In this hugely praised narrative, New York Times reporter Larry Rohter takes the reader on a lively trip through Brazil’s history, culture, and. Brazil on the rise – book by Larry Rohter. Brazil on the rise- the story of a country transformed is a book which fills the need and curiosity of the world which has.

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Nationalism and Paranoia in the Jungle. Americans are the only people on earth who obey all traffic laws and Brazilians obey almost none. Many other works on the subject, and with similar basic aims, will surely follow over the coming years, addressing the limitations identified and offering alternative perspectives.

He doesn’t just talk of the presidents, but also mentions leaders who go against the current, such as Marina Silva, who was Environment Minister, but had to step down due to differences with Lula.

Patrick French, a historian who has long studied India, is certainly not the last non-Indian to write about the world’s largest democracy.

Rather, he is part of a growing number of India-watchers. It is especially good because, as a journalist, the author has personally talked with key players in Brazilian culture and politics over a period of many years. You can read this book in total, or read the chapters that interest you as they are self-contained. Could their interest help to preserve the rainforest? The Story of a Country Transformed. Jul 18, Catherine Jett rated it liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Story of a Country Transformed. I was surprised by how thorough Larry Rohter was in his insights, but then again he is married to a Brazilian and did live in the country for 15 years. With the recent granting of the Summer Olympics to Rio de Janeiro, Rohter’s accomplished overview onn a solid brush-up.

For example, Rohter notes that Brazilian culture lacks any calvinist influence, an element that has strongly defines US-American psyche. The discussions of race chapter 3 and the social role of major leisure pursuits such as football and carnival chapter 4for example, are generally lively and perceptive, whilst chapter 5 provides a somewhat dry description of the achievements over many decades of major figures from the arts, which is not effectively integrated into the overall theme of the book.


You cannot easily build an advanced rohtsr economy on such profound inequality as Brazil has. May 17, David van der Woude added it.

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I especially enjoyed Rohter’s anecdotes and his first hand experiences with the big You will be hard-pressed to find a more all-encompassing book on modern Brazil than this. A reference page of national wildlife parks, botanical gardens, prominent museums, landmarks, etc might have been nice to beazil for readers who would consider vacationing in the country.

See all Editorial Larryy. He charts Brazil’s amazing jump from a debtor nation to one of the world’s fastest growing economies, unravels the myth of Brazil’s sexually charged culture, and portrays in vivid color the underbelly of impoverished favelas. With Brazil leading the charge of the Latin American decade, this critically acclaimed history is the authoritative guide to understanding its meteoric rise.

Going beyond the popular stereotypes of samba, supermodels, and soccer, he shows us a stunning and varied landscape–from breathtaking tropical beaches to the lush and dangerous Amazon rainforest–and how a complex and vibrant people defy definition. Read reviews that mention rio de janeiro alrry york york times brazil on the rise brazilian culture well written larry rohter anyone interested bureau chief point of view joseph page interesting rohher well brazilian society married to a brazilian years ago american journalist country of the future lived in brazil book title rise of brazil.

It seems those changes are starting to have an impact now, and the push to the World Cup and Olympics, only adds to that. Refresh and try again. Rother addresses most of the issues Brazil faces ranging from Brazilian insecurity about their territory Amazon and the world conspiracy to wrest it away from them to their love of football soccer to their obsession with Carnival, and their creativity in music.

Brazilians may not be used to discussing domestic problems with outsiders. I truly hope that both of these situations change soon. Brazil on the Rise, written by the go-to rohted on Brazil, intimately portrays a country of contradictions, a country of passion and above all a country of immense power.

I suggest patience in finishing this book.

Brazil on the rise : the story of a country transformed

The result will be more feature stories, interviews and articles on Latin America’s giant. Selected pages Title Page. As it happens I lived in Rio at the same time as Rohter and find it significant that he would invest 15 years as the NYTimes correspondent in Rio. He charts Brazil’s amazing jump from a debtor nation to one of the world’s fastest growing economies, unravels the myth of Brazil’s sexually brail culture, and portrays in vivid color the underbelly of impoverished favelas.


The few things I would like to see improved in this book are simple. Larry Rohter knows the country inside out, loves it, and yet is able to bring an objective lens to help us understand where Brazil is coming from, riss opportunities and challenges that it faces today, and its manifest destiny. While most Brazilians remember Collor for his impeachment, Rohter argues that Collor was instrumental in opening Brazil’s economy to the world and making it more competitive.

This lively overview of a major yet unfamiliar emerging global power, based on decades of work for Newsweek and The New York Times, provides an engaging introduction to politics, economics, culture, and development.

Brazil on the Rise: The Story of a Country Transformed – Larry Rohter – Google Books

This is by no means limited to Brazil. Rohter makes good use of his considerable knowledge of Brazil, where he lived for many years working as a correspondent for U. Brazil has millions of people who are brazkl it is not bh racist country. I would have really appreciated a page with all or most of the political parties listed and a very brief description of what they were with their acronyms.

You can find most of larty information online. Hmm, I think if you really want to know Brazil, learn the language, neh? In I decided he was the best writer in America.

It is definitely not the type of subject matter I choose for interest as I am not into politics or economics at all, but I still enjoyed reading all the info here, and learning about topics I don’t usually particularly enjoy.

He has spent periods irse research in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela. He not only addresses the stereotypical Brazilian topics of soccer, beaches, and the Amazon, but he also tackles such complex subjects as oil, race, and politics, concentrating on the last 25 years, during which, owing to continuity within its own riee system and stability in its national currency and overall economy, Brazil has become a major contributor to global politics and economics for arguably the first time in its history.