and Sites (ICOMOS) (Moscow ), the Burra Charter was adopted by Australia ICOMOS (the Australian. National Committee of ICOMOS) on 19 August the Burra Charter was adopted by Australia. ICOMOS (the Australian National Committee of. ICOMOS) on 19 August at Burra, South. The Burra Charter, drawn up in , has made Australia a leading and influential voice in the field of cultural preservation. Luise Rellensmann.

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Acknowledgement of Country We acknowledge and respect the Traditional Custodians whose ancestral lands we live and work upon and we pay our respects to their Elders past and present. The Burra Charter and its accompanying guidelines are considered the best practice standard for cultural heritage management in Australia.

Zaha Zaha Hadid by Andreas Ruby. The Burra Charter, drawn up inhas made Australia a leading and influential voice in the field nurra cultural preservation. Its emphasis is on understanding places first and then developing ways to manage them and their changes into the future.

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We also pay our respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their nations in South Australia, as well as those across Australia. The current version of cahrter Burra Charter was adopted in Blog Viewpoint 06 Apr In the same way The Burra Charter has itself been revised many times since coming into being inthe last time in Click here for details of previous versions and the background to the Charter. Sydney Opera House and Uluru or Ayers Rocktwo Australian icons, could be seen to symbolise concepts of heritage constructed in completely different ways by two different cultures: The Burra Charter is a set of principles that have been adopted to create a nationally accepted standard for heritage conservation practice in Australia.


Dreams not Bricks

This site uses cookies: The versions of the Burra Charter available for download below are no longer endorsed by Australia ICOMOS as current documents in relation to matters concerning conservation philosophy and practice, and should only be used as archival documents in relation to the development of conservation philosophy in Australia. The above information is taken from the brochure by M.

The Burra Charter advocates a cautious approach to changing a place. The Burra Charter and can be viewed and downloaded here. It does not prescribe the techniques to be used or the manner in which a heritage place should be cared for.

According to The Burra Charter, preservation aims at retaining the cultural significance of a place not limited to its aesthetic and historic values alone but embracing social and spiritual values as well.

Blog Berlin 11 Apr Thus The Burra Charter puts the people and their perception at the centre, asking for whom do we need to preserve what?

Following the adoption cahrter the Burra Charter and the associated series of Practice Notes, the version of the Burra Charter and the Guidelines to The Burra Charter are now to be considered archival documents. As is often misunderstood in the Western approach to conservation, it is not about keeping a place in a particular state, and preservation is seen as a process that needs to be negotiate afresh again and again. Refinancing Iceland with tourism — but hurra what cost?


Launched inthe first seven Practice Notes can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:. For best performance please update your browser.

Burra Charter – Wikipedia

First adopted inthe Burra Charter is periodically updated to reflect developing understanding of the theory and practice of cultural heritage management. We acknowledge and respect the deep spiritual connection and the relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to Country. Only the work necessary to repair and secure and to make it function is recommended so the history of the place can continue to be recognised.

Guidelines to The Burra Charter Please note: The guidelines of the Charter have become increasingly influential over the years and have been applied outside Australia in parts of Africa, India, Vietnam and China amongst other places. Suggestions of topics for future Practice Notes are welcome.

The Burra Charter and Australia’s pioneering role in preservation – uncube

Under the Burra Charter, people involved in the conservation of heritage places should: Home Magazine Blog About. Chartet It un Real Behind the facade of starchitect video marketing. Download The Burra Charter Adopted Launched inthe first seven Practice Notes can be downloaded by clicking on the links below: