Thread: Canon DRc Scanner File Type: pdf DRC Pick up scanning application for the DRC/ C/ C. There may be. For details on the Properties dialog box, refer to the User. Manual. 9. Click the [ OK] button to exit the scanner settings. Specify the file name and the file type . That’s exactly what Canon’s latest high-speed DRC, DRC and DR- C capabilities while reducing costs and time consuming manual tasks.

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Slide the document guides to fit the width of your document. If the currently registered job number is the same as that of an existing backup file, the existing backup file is overwritten by the registered job.

Unlock the left document guide.

The operation of the sensor during feeding can be checked on the sensor confirmation screen. See p g Count Only Key Feeds and counts the number of document pages.

Canon DR C | User Manual

Hint Use the extension wire if the document extends beyond the edge of the document tray. File type Enter the file format for saved files. We recommend confirming the image by prescanning the first page. Troubleshooting This section describes the problems that may occur during use of the scanner and how to solve them. Documents are fed bochure by the pickup roller, except when the Separation Off key is lit. For details on the Job Function, see About the Job Function on p Job Function The job function is for using the [Job] key on the control panel to select and execute jobs registered by Job Registration Tool, and allows you to execute scanning without using a scanning application.


Pull out the tray extension as needed for the length of your document. Do not cut, damage, or modify the power cord.

The document tray intermittently fails to lift on this scanner without an error code. To use a reel-type extension cord, unwind all of the cord from the reel. Automatically detects page sizes when scanning documents up to See Removing and Reinstalling the Feed Roller on p.

Clearing a Paper Jam or Caon Feed Error If a paper jam or double feed occurs during scanning, a paper jam message appears on the PC and on the scanner s display panel. A function not supported by the application was used. Click on the title for more information.

If you press the [Separation Off] key on the control panel, the feeding option changes to [Manual Feeding]. Torn paper remaining in the scanner may cause future jams or damage to the scanner. Enter Key The current setting is indicated by filletype square brackets [ ]. Select the mode that best suits your document. To scan bound multi-page documents such as invoice booklets, place the bound edge against the feed inlet and scan using manual feeding.


User Manual DR-9050C/DR-7550C DR-6050C

About Basic Condition Settings Operating in Count-Only mode. Fold each page with a sharp, straight crease. Provide adequate space around the scanner for operation, maintenance, and ventilation. Selecting [Auto Color Detection] enables the [Setting] button, and you can configure settings for judging whether documents are color, and select the mode for when documents are judged to be black and white.

Canon IMAGE FORMULA DRC Reference Manual (Page 38 of 68)

Load a document and press the Start key. If a patchcode sheet has been folded or becomes creased, reprint or replace the sheet. For details, see Error Messages on p Remove any documents that remain canonn the eject tray.

Brightness may be set too low. Scanning documents with the ink still wet may soil the rollers or scanning glass, cause lines or smudges to appear on images, or dirty other documents.

Mode Select the scanning mode. If anything becomes caught in the scanner, immediately disconnect the power cord to stop the scanner. Cleaning the Document Feed Inlet and Transport Path Dust or paper particles in the document brochute inlet or inside the scanner can cause spots to appear in scanned images.