Except where noted below, Catan: Seafarers uses the same rules as the base game. To assemble the frame for a Seafarers scenario, you have to use the six . The Seafarers of Catan™ game expansion includes the following items: Except where noted below, The Seafarers of Catan uses the same rules as The. Seafarers of Catan Rules. Ship Building. To build a ship, you must expend one unit of Wool (for the sails) and one unit of Lumber (for the hull). Like roads, ships .

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If your shipping route reaches a coastline, you can then build a new settlement on that coast, even if it is a new island. When playing the “Road Building” development card seafarerss a game of Seafarers, you have seafarets option of building 2 roads, 2 ships, or 1 ship and 1 road. Due to the sheer amounts of equipment needed, two copies of Settlers and Seafarers are required to set up this scenario. You may only connect a road to a sea lane through a settlement or city.

Seafarers aka “Seafarers”you need the components from a copy of Catan aka “Settlers”. When you earn a special victory point, you must place the corresponding catan chit underneath a settlement or city on the board. You also constructed a shipping route starting from settlement “B”. Of course, if you use the lake as a coastal hex anyway, you may also build ships on the sides facing the ocean. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Seafarers Game Rules

Struggle for Rome Settlers of America. I have some agree with your comment. Each scenario lists all the components needed to play that scenario. Some scenarios offer special victory points for certain activities, or for being the first to do something. This special build turn takes place immediately after the current rjles finishes his builds, and before the next player makes his roll. Archived from the original on Furthermore, the pirate mechanics have also changed: When a 7 is rolled or a Soldier card is played, the player may catam to move the Pirate instead of the Robber.


Just as the fields of Catan are troubled by the ravaging robber, the sea is vulnerable to the scourge of brigands! The gold field is a new addition to Catan! The pirate can affect the game in three ways:. You cannot satisfy your hunger to expand with roads alone! A shipping line that is not anchored at both ends by different settlements can also move the last ship at the open end, although this can only be done once per turn and may not be done with any ships that were created on the same turn.

After you build the board, randomly place the harbor tokens. We just played our first Seafarer’s scenario New World random setup that contained a lake – a water hex surrounded by 6 land hexes. The concepts introduced in Seafarers were part of designer Klaus Teuber ‘s original design for Settlers. Because sailors fear the pirate so, they will not sail near him. Retrieved from ” https: The Four Islands is the first scenario introduced where new mechanics introduced to Seafarers is brought into the forefront.

Seafarersor Seafarers of Catan in older editions, German: Alexander and Cheops Troy and Cxtan Wall. If you do sdafarers, you have the option of placing a ship, instead of a road, adjacent to that settlement.

Game Rules |

In other scenarios, the board is divided into islands, and if the player builds a settlement on an island other than the ones they begin on, the settlement is worth extra victory points. You must obey these restrictions when you move your ships:. A chain of connected ships of the same color form a “shipping route”.


Ships may not be connected directly to roads and vice versa.

You may only connect a land network of roads to a sea network of shipping routes if you first build a settlement where they come together. Players begin with settlements on the outside of the map, but may build ships to reach the Forgotten Tribe’s islands, which are in the center. Catan chits fulfill different tasks in the individual scenarios. The game board consists of the main Settlers island as well as a few smaller islands, which award a special victory point to each player for their first settlements on them.

To build a ship, expend 1 wool resource to make sails and 1 lumber resource to build hulls and masts. Should a player build next to unexplored terrain, the terrain tile is turned face up, and the player is rewarded with a resource should the tile revealed be resource-producing. They may choose any desired combination of these resources, up to the limit of 1 for each settlement and 2 for each city adjacent to the gold-producing hex.

A shipping route is either “closed” or “open. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat The winner is the first player to complete their wonder, or the first player to have 10 victory points and have more parts of their wonder complete than any other player. The moving player may steal one resource from any one player who caatan a ship adjacent to that sea hex. Cloth tokens, in turn, are worth one victory point for each pair obtained.

To build a ship, you must expend one unit rles Wool for the sails and one unit of Lumber for the hull. Shipping routes act the same way as roads for expanding your principality.