All you need to decode the markings on many types of capacitors. CBB22 is the manufacturers name for the capacitor series, it is a uF capacitance with. products offers cbb22 v capacitor products. About 99% of these are capacitors. A wide variety of cbb22 v capacitor options are. products offers cbb22 j v capacitor products. About % of these are capacitors. A wide variety of cbb22 j v capacitor.

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Capacitor code table

Power capacitors can reach quite large physical dimensions. Sample Order Free samples Paid samples. CY is likely just the location number on the circuit board, you have to look at the text written on the component. They are the low-cost mass-produced capacitors in modern electronics, featuring relatively small dimensions with relatively high capacitance values.

There is no problems in using capacitors with a higher voltage rating, some other characteristics but just the capacitance can however make a difference in the sound in such audio equipment as you repair. I call the Manufacture of the projector InFocus they told me that their authorized repair company might be able to sell me the part the are Mendtronix but when I called them they told me that InFocus does not allow them to sell their proprietary pats!

August 17, at While the frequency- and temperature-dependencies arise directly from physical laws, the time dependence is related to aging and moisture adsorption processes.

cbb22 400v capacitor

Hi Nick Sounds like a metallized film capacitor, you can find these in many place. A regular multimeter is only made for measuring frequencies to up around 1 kHz or even as low as Hz. Dissipation factor of different film materials as a function of temperature. German manufacturers such as WIMA, RoedersteinSiemens and Philips were trend-setters and leaders in a world market driven by consumer electronics.

  AKG D310 PDF

Film capacitors have become much smaller since the beginning of the technology.

Hey Amadeus Mee Refering to table 2 in this article: You have the voltage rating correct, but you need a capacitor of the same capacitance to be sure of getting the same performance out of your speaker system. Hi Mads, do you have an idea what this capacitor could be? Smoothing capacitors are used to reduce the AC component of fluctuating DC voltage such as in power supplies for radio and television transmittersand for high voltage testing equipment, DC controllers, measurement and control technology and cascaded circuits for generation of high DC voltage.

It is used in a VAC motor starting application and is in parallel with the stop button. Paper as carrier of the electrodes has the advantages of lower cost and somewhat better adherence of metallization to paper than to polymer films.

Electronic components cbb22 j v capacitor. I need to replace a capacitor but the marking confuse me… please help out? Because metallization is the cheapest way of producing electrodes, optimizing the shape of the electrodes is one way to minimize the internal resistance and to increase the current-carrying capacity. My local expert tells me that it is microfarads uF.

Polycarbonate film capacitors are no longer manufactured because the dielectric material is no longer available.

Sounds like a metallized film capacitor, you can find these in many place. Hey Andrew Pictures would help me more, but from your descriptions this is my best guess. I would think that the first line give us the capacitance, tolerance and voltage rating. Contact For Free Shipping. However, since the smallest available film thickness for PTFE films is 5. Film capacitors, together with ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitorsare the most common capacitor types for use in electronic equipment, and are used in many AC and DC microelectronics and electronics circuits.


November 3, at February 8, at May 27, at The required capacitance tolerance is determined by the particular application. Typical electrical values for power and large AC capacitors were not included capactor this table. The rated capacitance is the value for which the capacitor has been designed.

I need help finding a replacement part for them. Both AC and DC capacitors are available. September 5, at May 3, at I guess its 0. The primary reason for considering new film materials for capacitors is the relative low permittivity of commonly used materials.

The scope of application for DC capacitors is similarly diverse. From simple beginnings film capacitors developed into a very broad and highly specialized range of different types.

Capacitor code table | Kaizer Power Electronics

Low-cost metallized plastic film capacitors for general purpose applications are produced in this manner. November 6, at Hi Sharif I am not completely sure what it is, but from what I can find it might be a 4. Hey Bigbizkit Yes, they are capacitot nF capacitors, just made from different materials. Film capacitors are made out of two pieces of plastic film covered with metallic electrodes, wound into a cylindrical shaped winding, with terminals attached, and then encapsulated.

Hey I have capavitor capacitor that reads, Z on the top line and j on the bottom. March 19, at