To register with CCR, go to Central Contractor Registration user guide at pdf. Users who previously bookmarked the website will need to update their code ‘H18F’ when creating/updating documents through Business Services. Instructions for Registering with CCR. On under For Applicants >> Get Registered >>.

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When do I need to register? Information on easily locating these data elements is addressed in the next FAQ.

Recovery FAQs for Federal Contractors on Reporting | The White House

The Federal agency will be reviewing the report for timeliness of reporting, consistency of basic information with the award, significant errors, and material omissions. CFDA will not contact you, ask you for money, useracocunt ask you for personal information. Federal Contractors should use this simplified calculation methodology beginning with the report for the calendar quarter ending December 31, and for each subsequent calendar quarter.

What information will I need to register? Use of data standards helps users understand what data is required in what format for each data field and other useful information, such as when a data element will be inferred xoc another entry.

Due dates are midnight Pacific Time. The system does not require the Federal contractor to correct the report based on agency comments nor otherwise require agency approval of the report. Must contain at least one numeric character. For Federal contracts subject to reporting under FAR clause How do I complete my registration?



To register for a user account, the applicant shall do all of the following:. Use of standards and templates makes reporting more accurate.

Assume that a Federal contractor is preparing its quarterly report. With very limited exceptions, Federal contractors will already be ccg in CCR if they have a Federally awarded contract. If you have questions or problems, contact the FederalReporting.

Must contain at least one alpha character. Supplier User Guide Contract Management. Useeaccount Certificate of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL by or emergency language will be repealed by operation of law on the following day.

Registered users will receive an email notification to remind them of this requirement. What is a Sub Recipient?

This initial roll-out of FederalReporting. Can I modify the spreadsheet? Forget Username or password? This is the number that the Federal contractor will enter in the “Number of Jobs” data element in FederalReporting. No temporary license shall be effective prior to January 1, What if I get locked out?

My organization has more than one DUNS number. Registration is now open see the notice published August 25, in the Federal Register at 74 FR Therefore, Federal contractors will assume that any language that refers to a requirement for sub-recipients to register in CCR does not apply to their subcontractors.

Published by Eleanor Simmons Modified over 3 years ago. Federal contractors are advised that these materials were prepared to accommodate two different reporting models – one for grants, loans and other forms of financial assistance, and one for Federal contracts.

Your search is complete. They will, however, need a DUNS number. You will receive an email confirmation once you have successfully registered as a FederalReporting. If you are unable to locate your award in FPDS, call your contracting officer.


Recovery FAQs for Federal Contractors on Reporting

There are a few data elements, however, that Federal contractors may not be familiar with and may not know ussraccount to locate. After the 10th day following the end of the calendar quarter previous versions will be maintained though version control for audit purposes. The regulatory and policy requirement for verifying the accuracy and completeness of data meets the requirements for agencies certifying procurement data for useracxount DATA Act.

A new National Interest Action value ‘Hurricane Florence ‘ has been added to track the relief contracts. Each Point of Contact will receive an email notification from FederalReporting. What technology is needed for using FederalReporting. However, the system appears to allow three choices, including one for “Sub Recipient [Sub Only]. If your contract contains the clause dated Marchyou are not required to report jobs for subcontractors.

The example below depicts “Number of Jobs” calculations by calendar quarter for an month contract that includes full-time, part-time, and temporary workers.

For discussion of various types of contracts, see FAR Part The formula can be represented as: Otherwise, utilize the Webform process to request an dof.