18 user reviews on Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitor. Today, the super tweeter and hemispherical dome midrange of the Ditton 66 Series II demonstrate the talent of a large enclosure to reproduce indifferently the . 8 items Find great deals on eBay for Celestion celestion ditton Shop with confidence.

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I was seduced by the frequency response in the lows and the quality of the rest of the spectrum. The Ditton 66 is like other ABR equipped speakers at the bottom end, once the main system bass resonance is reached, the ABR and main bass driver rapidly go out of phase to each other, but still deliver energy, causing bass cancellation, hence the very steep cut off. These speakers are comfortable with all types of music and deserve a big room to really give their best in the low end, as well as a powerful and musical amp for the passive drivers.

No, because it can not spar is attached to it, its quality of assembly HP and cabinet and the impression they give guests Ouhaaaaa! How would they partner an SET 25W in a smallish room? I actually never noticed the deformity of the cover until I took these photos for the add, so I must have been that way since I purchased them from the original owner. Smooth yet detailed top end with a nice integration throughout the entire range.


Many people like this option because it allows flexibility to use any amplifier. Everything is bland and flat when he heard the sound of In this case the news was good. I could hear the bass drum of the symphonic orchestra at a level never reached with the Dittons, which, on the other hand, seemed to boost the high lows and render them fluffy.

Celestion Ditton 66 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

That maybe the case now but when i had the ’66’ i live in a house ceestion one def neighbour, hence loudness wasnt an issue. This proved not to be the case here. Celestion Ditton 66 anyone?

If not, I suggest you do: How would “freakin’ awesome”, do? Originally Posted by rodthebod. This steel panels just sparked a few memories about what was tried back in the day to get better results, hope you get some benefit These speakers highlight the mids, they have pretty detailed highs only and a good djtton in the lows, which are fuller with the Marantz.

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As far as I’m concerned, a speaker should reproduce sounds, not produce them. Yes, my password is: Driven by the Copper amp, it’s tight as a drum, very ‘fast and slammy’, and without a hint of boom or overhang. Even at the very low listening levels I’m currently playing music at one click from zero on the stepped attenuator of my Croft preampas Del’s asleep upstairs, the lounge is still being effortlessly filled with music. We celestiin a new passive which is simpler than the original.


I also have a single 66 available. However, we felt the best option overall was a hybrid approach.

I bought them from a guy in Oracle, AZ, who brought them all the way from England to AZ with him plus years ago or so. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

It’s like a since these columns are part of my hardware and I think even I would lose some of my clientle disparatre if they were? Must admit I loved the 66 and always wanted a pair, but never had the room. A client came to us with a modified version. As expected, we found a significant mismatch.