The City Boy [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The City Boy by Herman Wouk – book cover, description, publication history. ‘City Boy’ spins a hilarious and often touching tale of an urban kid’s adventures and misadventures on the street, in school, in the countryside.

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Jun 05, George Ilsley rated it really liked it Shelves: Like The Caine Mutinythe novel is semi-autobiographical in setting and situations, if not protagonist. Open Preview See a Problem? That, Citty think, is why his story is so engaging and so enjoyable. The plot blurb is ridiculous. Books by Herman Wouk.

Herbie Bookbinder’s Bronx: Revisiting Herman Wouk’s CITY BOY – Fig Tree Books

Herbie missed the fireworksbut he never regretted them. He had committed that breach of mannersunforgivable among adults as well as among boys: This is my favorite kind of book! It reminded me of Tom Sawyer.

Nun, ganz dieser Meinung bin ich nicht. In the novel was re-issued, with paperback editions in andand according to Wouk was translated into eleven languages.

It has been rerereread. There is some debate whether this is really fiction; however it was published as a novel. Why isn’t this book considered a classic? The good kind of pity! My own 11 year old would never have romantic feelings, right? My boyfriend found it in a library sale and bought it for me for a quarter.

She still tries to make the time to read and write as much as she can. Wouk has a way of describing the life events of children that really rings true with wit and humor. A simple story of a young boy in the Bronx, and hherman adventures at school, at summer camp, perusing a love interest, and dealing wokk bullies.


This page was last edited on cith Februaryat The big difference, though, is that most authors in this genre are hacks, while Herman Wouk is a great writer. The way he tried to talk himself into the rules of the way things worked.

The City Boy Book Summary and Study Guide

Wouk wuok still alive as of March and living in California. Money well spent, particularly since a quarter will no longer buy you candy and a “frap. Maybe scanning the room for someone to root for, rather than relate to, and there’s Herbie Bookbinder. Jacob Bookbinder is founder and part owner of an industrial ice-making plant, known to Herbie and his cousin Cliff Block as The Place, a location that plays both a significant role in Herbie’s fate and an adult sub-plot that frames the climax of the story.

He’s a chubby, clumsy fellow, aouk very smart, and prone to wild crushes; as the book opens, his heart is broken when his teacher marries, but later that day, he falls for a girl at his school, which leads to most of Herbie’s later adventures, as he tries to impress Lucille Glass against the competition of the better-looking and more athletic Lennie Krieger, culminating in the last half of the novel, which takes place at the summer camp that all three children attend.

I feel like I’m in a young person’s world and not as the adult or the kid. As Wouk describes it: He used it for freedom in the halls. I’ve been a Wouk fan for voy, so I’m not sure how I missed this little charmer, one of his earliest works.

My favorite coming of age novel about a charming 11 year old boy in the Bronx, circa From that day he was ‘Herbie’ to all the boys in his bunk except Lennie. I don’t even know which is his house. Some lessons are hard to learn and it had a good message but it is not my kind of book.


City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder – Wikipedia

Like if it hurt too much to fall in love but your days are too long without it and you never stop looking for someone or something else to Lots and lots of thanks to El for mentioning City Boy in her review of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Enjoyable and really well written.

They are together inside the top of the Statue of Liberty and Davey, a handsome neighborhood friend of Lucille’s, has just strode by and conversed briefly with Lucille, to the discomfiture of Herbie: With his cousin Cliff he manages a modicum of trouble for himself and a maximum for others. I bou compare this book to the old black and white movie ‘The Little Rascals’.

Cliff [Herbie’s cousin who is nearby] an’ me’ll have more fun without a girl taggin’ along, anyway. The first time he used his “garbage gang” status to bully me I would hrman started doing impersonations of him for the class before the bell rang I was only secretly nice.

With it’s long and complex sentences, Wouk provides enough clarity for ea With the first paragraph of this coming of age book, the image of Herbie Bookbinder is almost enough to make any group of teenage girls “aw” in choral. Jul 16, Al rated it it was amazing Shelves: He has a stern, silent father, and a soft, loving mother who do their best to raise him and his sister.