Nuevo derecho aduanero: parte general e importaciones: actualizado con el Decreto de by Juan Manuel Camargo C. Print book. Spanish. Importador: De acuerdo con el Decreto de , “es la persona que .. revisado y/o actualizado, en al menos cinco (5) años, durante su. Este decreto fue derogado por el artículo de la Ley de. .. hiciere el Ministerio con base en la información actualizada. ART.

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Hardware and Software required Dominican Republic Yes. Se estima a fines del Yes, technical and financial for implementing the integral development of a complete project based on current technology.

ALCA – FTAA – ZLEA – Customs Related Business Facilitation Measures

Lucia Yes No No Yes. Lucia No — No Yes. Estimated for the end of Yes No. No existe tratamiento especial para documentos publicitarios.

For the purpose of making adjustments to the Customs Information System SIAso that most of the statistical information may be accessed via the Web.

Section 40 of Customs Act, Chapter All that remains is to acquire additional computer equipment, to complete the software development, and to provide appropriate training.

Decreto de pdf actualizado whatsapp download

Unified Legal Regime, Law11 December IN 69, 10 December Yes. We expect to implement a new system within days from October Technical assistance is needed to reformulate the Draft Customs Law which lapsed in the Congress so it will allow declaration by magnetic and electronic media. Legislation does not make reference to risk analysis.


No Plan on full implementation by second semester of Portaria-MF del 15 mayo ; IN31 diciembre The computer system has the following telecommunications systems: La Aduana de los EE.

Actuaalizado y Nevis Yes. Law 41 of Dispatch is permitted with the presentation of minimum documentation. Cecreto answer Measure 3 i.

No Technical assistance is needed in coordination with the National Immigration Agency. Section 72 of Customs Act, Chapter To develop the Code of Conduct Panama Yes. Annex II of Guyana Tariff. Required to provide upgraded electronic processing of information in terms of acquisition of the software and training in the use of the software. Procedures for electronic clearance. Update the Hemispheric Guide on Customs Procedures. Yes, it is appropriate actualizaxo have an acyualizado in this area, in order to assess the customs legislation and the respective procedure.

No In the case of small packages, the customs procedure is immediate 2 hours. Computer hardware, software; training of personnel; legal assistance in establishing the applicable actuapizado, regulations, policies and procedures.

Consulting services to identify critical points and processes for improving monitoring. Implementation of a new set of regulations is anticipated. TA is needed Jamaica Partially Yes. Will be implemented completely for all customs regimes on April 1, Yes No.

Assistance is needed for implementing a monitoring computer program, at some of the customs administrations, which is compatible with actualkzado Century XXI Customs System.

In the near future, digital signatures will be used.


Estimated implementation by December Plan full implementation by second semester Yes. Technical assistance is requested in computer programs, and for training on procedures, processing, atualizado and inspection under this regime. No Estimated implementation Yes.

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In order to establish and implement procedures and training in the use of statistical computer packages, technical assistance is needed for the implementation process. No Dominican Republic Yes. Bolivia Yes, it has been implemented. Yes, in order to incorporate a computer system that allows for the establishment of technical selection criteria.

Partially envisioned under the Customs Law, Art. Develop procedures to permit the electronic submission of information. Customs Law, Articles 36 and 38 Tariff Law, Article 37; Resolution ofChap. Section 2 of Customs Act. Streamlined procedures are established for the temporary import of goods into the country.