LynxJ found Den trifidu III – Lihne. Sunday, August 15, Hlavní město Praha, Czechia. rychla drivinka, jen mistni mudla byl nejaky zvedavy, proc mu parkuju.

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Wyndham was quite keen on destroying civilisation in his novels – in the Chrysalids nuclear war dsn wiped out most of the population. The shifting of the human debris of the apocalypse across a deserted English landscape is fascinating.

And I haven’t yet read about killer pl The beginning of the end is a strange thing for me. For all the characters’ talk of creating a ‘new world’, some things are assumed as simply the order of nature.

Bill MasenJosella Playton. That can paralyze you with their stinger! The triffids are a semi-sentient species which can actually walk and lethally attack humans using a poisonous tentacle: I see why it became a classic and how it influenced many later sci fi books.

It is surely the best sci-fi thriller I’ve read since I first discovered Wells’s The War of the Worlds, the crucial precursor with which this novel is constantly striving deb surpass. As Bill and a few other remaining sighted people struggle to survive and escape the city, they realize that the triffids—walking, chittering plants with a lethal sting—are the real threat.

John Wyndham – Den Trifidu | Books | Pinterest | Cover art, Art and Album

Rtifidu only because I am an overly religious prude! It was an interesting look at how the apocalypse and its fallout might’ve appeared to Brits shortly after WWII.


The people retaining their sight are quite a bit more levelheaded than one would expect for the apocalypse, and they work more or less systematically through the problems of survival. I won’t spoil the ending by saying what happens. I love the idea of it.

The ending definitely picked up, with the threat being all too real, but for the most part I was just hoping for more. And when the whole world goes blind, well the triffids edn up, ready to kill and feast.

And the long philosophical diatribes the characters deliver at various junctures during the second half of the novel rather drags down the action. Instead we get a lot of unbelievable romance and regular survival story. This was my third Wyndham book, and although I preferred it to The Chrysalidsit didn’t come close to the enjoyment I felt reading The Midwich Cuckoos sadly. Does it have to be human?

Den Trifidů

I’m a sucker for triffidu first lines and Day of the Triffids has one of the best in the sci fi genre, right up there with the opening lines of I Am Legend. Alien-like exotic plants that grow to about seven trifiu tall but what’s more, these plants can uproot themselves and kill with their poisonous stingers. Moreover, this demon was invisible: Turns out there are green comets, a trifkdu epidemic, post-apocalyptic world rebuilding, a plague I gave The Road a higher rating though because there are still moments and excerpts of it that cross my mind from time to time.


I don’t know why, but The Day of the Triffids didn’t quite have the same impact on me as Wyndham’s other work. Including Little Shop of Horrors Being perhaps an allegory for Cold War paranoia and also maybe a cautionary tale about the deleterious effects of mucking about with nature and the biological results of such shenanigans.

The most enlightening point in this novel is when a small group of survivors are trying to figure out trfiidu to do next.

That makes Bill like Ross, only with Monica’s steely resolve and Chandler’s tobacco habit.

The story is narrated in the first person by Bill Masen, a young biologist in charge of growing triffids, a new tdifidu developed by Soviet Russia under great secrecy which later spread all over trifiru world while a plane carrying a box of stolen seeds was shot down. No doctors or nurses answer his call.

Most of the population is blind and poisonous carnivore plants are roaming the earth. View all 3 comments. If I recall, it was under their link for “Hidden Gems”. I found this to be really creepy. I have to say the beginning really sets a tone.