One of the world’s most famous philosophers, Jacques Derrida, explores difficult questions in this important and engaging book. Is it still possible to uphold. There are, however, two main places in print where Derrida treats forgiveness. The first is in On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness, a short book published by. Jacques Derrida, On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness. Trans. Mark Dooley and Michael Hughes. Preface by Simon Critchley and Richard Kearney. London.

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Robert Fine – – New York. The Case of Minority Nations.

On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. If we become hospitable to refugees, do we follow Mencius, let Syria fall to pieces, while the culture of the people remain intact in other countries?

While undertaking to separate forgiveness and justice, the hospitable city and the sovereign state, these essays repeatedly show both that any manifestation of forgiveness or hospitality transforms essentially unconditional possibilities into conditional ones, and that the unconditional or purely conceptual cannot be approached apart from its historical manifestation.

Nonetheless I think I might read more of Derrida’s ethics work. His thoughts on what forgiveness is and implies is worthy of consideration, and it is explained so that his points are understood properly.

On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness by Jacques Derrida

He is the most human of the philosophers I’ve read, and takes such delight with his language, that to read such an empathetic treatise on how to “make the world better” dereida, for me, a touching and dedrida expanding experience. Drawing on examples of treatment of minority groups in Europe, he skilfully and accessibly probes the thinking that underlies much of the practice, and rhetoric, that informs cosmopolitanism.


Should hospitality be grounded on a private or public ethic, or even a religious one? To ask other readers questions about On Cosmopolitanism and Forgivenessplease sign up. In any case, it’s certainly the only Derrida book I’ve been able to read in a single day.

He died of pancreatic cancer on October 9, at the age of cowmopolitanism What have duties and rights to do with hospitality? The foundation is made in order to hide it; by its essence it tends to organize amnesia, sometimes under the celebration and sublimation of the grand beginnings” p.

His works of philosophy and linguistics form the basis of the school of criticism known as deconstruction. On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness by Jacques Derrida. Return to Book Page. I don’t know if he says that we can have reconciliation, punishment, repentance, etc.

Interesting perspective on both topics but it didn’t feel the two topics belonged to the same book.

Books by Jacques Derrida. Find it on Scholar. Richard Rorty asks whether the ideals of rights enshrined in liberty, equality and fraternity implicit in global cosmopolitanism are sustainable when the very concept of rights is problematic. Hospitality is also corruptible and historical, however, and must be both guided by the unconditional law of hospitality to resist being co-opted by economic and political interests and limited by conditional laws in order to be more than an empty abstraction–a double imperative.

The whole issue with Syria is so challenging. Nov 09, Y. It alone can inspire here, now, in the urgency, without waiting, response and responsibilities.

Paperback80 pages.

Hughes – – Studies in Christian Ethics 16 1: The second part, “On Fo An important exploration by Derrida particularly in this era of distrust of the “other” – where the Western world fears the influx of forgivenese and refugees. Chasing Butterflies Without a Net: For those already invested in Derrida’s work, the two ess Though this isn’t necessarily my favorite of the Cosmololitanism texts I’ve read so far, it’s an incredible work simply for how clear it makes the potential ethical implications and commitments of deconstructionist thought.


Brink rated it it was amazing. What have duties and rights to do with hospitality? The two poles are irreducible to one another, certainly, but they remain indissociable.

Where do borders end and being a brother to another person in this strange and turbulent forgivenes begin?

On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness – Jacques Derrida – Google Books

I don’t really get this because how can you negate something that is impossible to negate? Europe is not like North America where we have had a few hundred years to adjust to being new to the continent yet we still have a need to reconcile with taking up indigenous lands to do so Aug 12, Eric rated it it was amazing Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet.

derroda This division, this incapacity, which cosmopolitaniem the position from which unconditional forgiveness must emerge, if it is to emerge, not only responds to the relation between ethics and politics, but it describes their rapport sans rapport. In the case of forgiveness, this potential perversion concerns sovereignty, which is defined by the capacity to grant pardon, a capacity, however, that Derrida–reading Kant and to a certain extent Arendt with Hegel–demonstrates is indeed a privation.

Dec 23, Brenda D rated it it was amazing.

Aug 27, Phakin rated it it was amazing. Sep 13, David rated it liked it Shelves: