Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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So the gentle benevolence of a poor seamstress has given to several less developed souls their introduction to a conscious spiritual life which incarnation after incarnation will grow steadily stronger, and react more and more upon the earth-lives of the future. I use the word pupil advisedly, for unless a man stand in that relation to one of the Masters of Wisdom, there is but little likelihood of his being able to pass in full consciousness into that glorious land off bliss, and return to earth with clear remembrance of that which he has seen there.

The Devachanic Plane

Since further enquiry has shown that the word ” Devachan” is etymologically inaccurate and misleading, the author would prefer to omit it altogether, and to issue this manual under the simpler and more descriptive title of “The Mental Plane. But by the time that he attains these heights he will already have entered upon the Path, and taken his future progress definitely into his own hands.

We cannot but marvel at the hopeless inadequacy of all the worldly man’s ideas of happiness; indeed, we cannot avoid seeing that most of them are absurdly inverted and impossible of realization, and that for the most part he has actually turned his back upon the very goal which he is seeking.

The whole of the article from which these extracts are taken should be very carefully studied by those who wish to grasp this very complex branch of our subject, for, with the aid of the beautifully-executed coloured illustrations which accompany it, it enables, those who cannot yet see for themselves to approach much more nearly to a realization of what thought-forms actually are than anything previously written.

Among others there was a Hindu woman who had glorified her husband into a divine being, and also thought of the child Krishna as playing with her own children, but while these latter were thoroughly human and real, the child Krishna was obviously nothing but the semblance of a blue wooden image galvanized into life.

As he progresses devachanicc astral life grows shorter and the heaven-life keadbeater, until when he becomes an intellectual and spiritually-minded person he passes through the astral plane with hardly any delay at all, and enjoys a long and happy sojourn on the plans refined of the lower mental levels. In this devvachanic thought immediately called into existence a distinct form resembling the human, of one colour only, though exhibiting many shades of that colour.

An instructive case was that of two sisters, both of whom had been intensely religious; one of them had been a crippled invalid, and the other had spent a long life in tending her. It should be understood that none of the three lower planes of the solar system is co-extensive with it except as regards a particular condition of the highest or atomic subdivision of each.

What, indeed, can be said, except that ever as we ascend the material becomes finer, the harmonies fuller, the light more living and transparent? He finds himself in the midst of what seems to him a whole universe of ever-changing light and colour and sound, such as it has never entered into his loftiest dreams to imagine.

Theosophy : Devachanic Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

As a theoretical proposition we are all aware that even here on the physical plane no particle of matter, though forming part of the densest of solid bodies, is ever for a moment at rest; nevertheless when by the opening of astral vision this becomes for us no longer a mere theory of the scientists, but an actual and ever-present fact, we realize the universality of life in a manner and to an extent that was quite impossible before; our mental horizon widens out, and we begin even already to have glimpses of possibilities in nature which to those who cannot yet see must appear the wildest of dreams.


Another typical case was that of a man who had died while his only daughter was still young; here in the heaven-world he had her always with him and always at her best, and he was continually occupying himself in weaving all sorts of beautiful pictures of her future.

The love which she thus ceaselessly poured out upon these mental images was really acting as a beneficent force showered down upon the grown-up men in this physical world, but it did not affect them both to the same extent— not that her love was stronger for one than the other, but because there was a great difference, in the vitality of the images themselves.

The first impressions, then, of the pupil who enters this mental plane in full consciousness will probably be those of intense bliss, indescribable vitality, enormously increased power, and the perfect confidence which flows from these; and when he makes use of his new sense to examine his surroundings, what does he see? We have not at present in the English language any convenient and at the same time accurate words to express these conditions; perhaps to call them respectively embodied and disembodied will be, on the whole, the least misleading of [page 31] the various possible phrases.

But the devotional thought of an unselfish heart is very lovely in colour, like the deep blue of a summer sky. It is possible, I say; but it is not wise — unless, indeed, his Master stands beside him to draw him back at the right moment from its mighty embrace; for otherwise its irresistible force will carry him away onward and upward into still higher planes, whose far greater glories his ego is as yet unable to sustain; he will lose consciousness, and with no certainty as to when and where and how he will regain it.

And by such fuller expression he is also enabled to derive more and more benefit from the living force of that love as it pours itself upon him through these thought-images. Let us therefore proceed to consider those inhabitants of the mental plane who come under the head of.

The Devachanic Plane – Wikisource, the free online library

When reaching the fourth level of initiation, one can become a pratyekabuddha and enter Nirvana right away, or become a buddha or bodhisattva and teach others before entering.

The only waking in the heaven-world is the slow dawning of its wonderful bliss upon the mind-sense as the man enters upon his life on that plane, and the only sleeping is the equally gradual sinking into happy unconsciousness when the long term of that life at length comes to an end.

I have never been able to discover whence it was taken, though what seems to be another version of it, considerably expanded, appears in Beal’s Catena of Buddhist Scriptures, page Nevertheless, a leeadbeater of this sub-plane distinctly emphasizes the necessity of following St Peter’s advice, ” Add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge.

Impossible as this may seem to the man of the world, it is the plainest of realities to the occultist; and to those who have not yet grasped this fundamental truth we can but repeat the advice given by the Buddhist teacher: The greater reality of the heaven-life as compared with that on earth shines forth clearly when we consider, what conditions are requisite for the attainment of this higher state of existence.

She thought of herself as eventually martyred for her faith, and ascending into heaven, but yet only to live over and over again this life in which she so delighted. In the causal body, when very highly developed, this achievement 15 possible, though even then by no means with the ease and rapidity with which it can be done upon the buddhic plane by those who have succeeded in raising their consciousness to that level.

Instead of this, however, the result was a sudden intensification of the colours of this bar of light, and a very distinct flow of spiritual influence, towards the pupil; so that it is evident that when a student turns his thought to his Master, what he [page 24] really does is to vivify his connection with that Master, and thus to open a way for an additional outpouring of strength and help to himself from higher planes. Leadbeater located the “Devachan” on the mental plane many miles far above the surface of Earth.


He had died at the age of seven, and was occupied in re-enacting in the heaven-world the religious stories which his Irish nurse had told him down here; and best of all he loved to think of himself as playing with the infant Jesus, and helping him to make those clay sparrows which the power of the Christ-child is fabled to have brought to life and caused to fly.

If it be asked what is the real difference between the matter of the various sub-planes of the mental plane, it is not easy to answer in other than very general terms, for the unfortunate scribe bankrupts himself of adjectives in an unsuccessful endeavour to describe the lowest plane, and then has nothing left to say about the others.

In her heaven she carried herself back to the date of Christ’s life upon earth, and imagined herself as accompanying him through the chain of events recounted in the gospels, and after his crucifixion taking care of his mother the Virgin Mary.

There is the love which pours itself out upon its object, seeking for leabeater in return — never even thinking of itself, but only of what it can do for the loved one; and such a feeling as this generates a spiritual force which cannot work [page 38] itself out except upon the mental plane.

The truth is, that these thoughts which surround the man are the powers by which he draws upon the wealth of the heaven-world. On the other hand, this phase of devotion, which consists essentially in the perpetual adoration of a personal [page 52] deity, must be carefully distinguished from those still higher forms which find their expression in performing some definite work for the deity’s sake.

It was that of a person of pure mind and considerable though untrained psychic capacity ; and the effect of the presentation of the thought-picture to her mind was of a somewhat startling character. A quaint and pretty little example of the heaven-life of a child ppane conclude our list of instances from this sub-plane.

The astral plane of our own earth interpenetrates it and its atmosphere, but also extends for some distance beyond the atmosphere. The vehicle appropriate to the lower heaven-world is the mind-body, while that of the higher heaven-world is the causal body — the vehicle of the reincarnating ego, in which he passes from life to life throughout the whole evolutionary period.

The very sense itself, by which he is enabled to cognize all this, is not the least of the marvels of this celestial [page 13] world; no longer does he hear and see and feel by separate and limited organs, as he does down here, nor has he even the immensely extended capacity of sight and hearing which he possessed on the astral plane; instead of these he feels within him a strange new power which is not any of them, and yet includes them all and much more — a power which enables him the moment any person or thing comes before him not only to see it and feel it and hear it, but to know all about it instantly inside and out — its causes, its effects, and its possibilities, so far at least as that plane and all below it are concerned.

When considering this question of locality and interpenetration we must be on our guard against possible misconceptions.