27 déc. Le diagramme de flux de données (DFD ou Data Flow Diagram) pour définir les données traversant un système et leurs traitements éventuels. Exercice Merise – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Construire le MCC (diagramme de flux), 2. Présenter le modèle. 25 oct. Figure I Découpage traditionnel des flux de matière et d’information dans la chaîne. Figure I La Figure III Diagramme de séquences – Optimisation des maillons de la chaîne. Figure III . MERISE .

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Localization of the deposits of the reference data, performed in support of the previous course and algorithm such as defined above would be: Specialization is a concept related to inheritance in UML notation. The repository concept for a relationship between data is then translated as a relationship between UML oriented generic concepts dependency under the responsibility of the generic concept of the original dependency. This typing classes of an IS according to the invention, and therefore the content concepts diagrammw corresponding data to specialized concepts is defined as follows in conjunction with Figure 1: A type of coding category C1: The reference data defined by specialized concepts, inherit the generic concepts of the same category and possess an identical specialization belonging to the diagdamme of the same application data.

An important feature of the invention then consists in building a category diagram where categories are grouped according to a predefined typing of these categories.

To do this, the invention proposes to apply the concept of object modeling UML, acronym for “Unified Modeling Language” for modeling reference data of an information system. This coherence is defined by applying the principle that the reference data defined by the specialized concepts inheriting generic concepts of the same category and with the same specialization must belong to a data repository and a single application. However, data modeling proposed in a Conceptual Data Model from the Merise method does not translate the repository notion of a given or a relationship between two data.

Another object of the present invention to provide a method of locating deposits reference data for new data of an IS to support the principles of the proposed modeling method, which determines what data repository that is to say, under the responsibility of any application, must be given referential.

Thus, according to the invention, the orientation of relationships from the typing is defined as a UML dependency relationship between a flow type of category and a category type of stock is directed to the type of category flow to the category of type of stock, and a UML dependency relationship between a flow type category or a category type stock and a coding type of category is oriented in the flow type category or type of stock to the coding type of category.

Method and apparatus for generating user interfaces based upon automation with full fllux. Thus, this is the application which is located the bearing of the referential data D2 which must provide, via for example a service, the application containing the referential data D1 in its field and not the reverse.


Preferably, a UML dependency relationship between a flow type of category and a category kerise of stock is directed to the type of category to category flow type stock. Generic concepts in the same category are put in an application data repository of an information system.

Thus, according to the invention, the generic concepts of a class must define reference data belonging to a single data repository, that is to say dw the deposit of the same application.

Modeling an IS IF involved in the design phase and is to create a virtual representation of the business processes of an organization as well as inventory and information flows illuminating these processes.

Thus, when creating an IS, the location proposed by the invention advantageously allows, during the planning phase functional, identify applications that the repository will contain one or meris reference data. A method of reference data modeling an information system, characterized lfux that it is based on a UML modeling reference data of the information system listed in the application data fields of the information system, data referential information system being defined by a specialized concept inheriting characteristics of dee generic concept, said method comprising the steps of: Utilization of weights and visualization of conceptual frameworks in unified modeling.

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The command, as the Business Park are referenced by a commercial catalog. A method according to any preceding claim, wherein two reference data are related, said relation leading to a UML dependence relation between the membership classes of the two generic concepts specialized concepts merisw to said reference data inherit, UML said dependency relationship is oriented, taking as origin the membership class of the generic concept corresponding to the referential data whose data field comprises the referential data containing the relationship between diageamme pair of reference data.

A2 Designated state dr This modeling advantageously to determine which application should offer, in addition to the xiagramme data contained in the repository, the relationship between this referential data and reference data from other deposits.

A flow type category F is defined as the class order, S stock type category is defined as the customer category, Commercial Customer Park and Customer Account, and a type of category coding C is defined as the category Commercial Catalog. A method according to Claim 6 taken in combination with Claim 2, characterized in that the ordered course of the diagram is made flow type categories to the coding type categories.

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A method according to claim 2, characterized in that a UML dependency relationship between a flow type category F and a category type stock S1, S2 is oriented as type flow to the type of category stock.

This method does not allow the construction of a model based on principles based on the reference data of an IS and is therefore limited to the optimization of the operational planning phase of an IS.


This location reference data fields to determine what data repository, that is to say, under the responsibility of any application, must be given referential.

The steps of the localization algorithm of locating the reference data deposit associated with a category is to actually designate the responsibility of what application is reference data related to search. Engineered management system particularly suited for maintenance and repair M and R management of structure such as pavement.

The orientation of the relationships between categories, previously only dependent on meride relationships between data SI studied, was first linked to the typing of these categories. Among them, the Conceptual Data Model CDM or allows for a clear representation of the data of the IS and defines functional dependencies of data between them. Migrating data integration processes through use of externalized metadata representations. The consequence for the planning of an IS is to meriise, for existing IF, or set for a change of SI, which applications must provide data to other IS applications.

Thus, the various concepts defined fllux grouped into categories according to logical criteria. Kind code of ref document: Finally, the direction or orientation of a UML dependency relationship between categories also depends on the deposit of the referential data containing the relationship. diagrqmme

Meaning of “merise” in the French dictionary

UML is a modeling tool consisting of an object approach. The flow studied in this example is of the order from a supplier, a customer already has a business park for the manufacturer and an account with him.

The present invention relates to a method for modeling reference data of an information system ISas well as an algorithm based on this model, allowing the location of reference data fields of a system ‘information. A method according to claim 2 or 3, characterized in that a UML dependency relationship between a flow type category F or category type stock S1 and a coding type of category C is oriented category type flow or stock type to the coding type of category.

Also, relationships are defined to represent these semantic links and a relationship class contains all of the diagramme type relationships thus linking the entities belonging to the same feature classes.

In an organization, SI is formed by the set of all elements that contribute to treatment and information flow within the organization database, application software, procedures, documentation, etc. According to the principles governing the orientation of dependence relations seen above, the meaning of these diagramje has its origins as the category S1 and S2 and S3 target categories respectively. More specifically, inheritance is a relationship between classes that allows the definition and implementation of a class based on other existing classes.

This is a computer analysis method fluux to the establishment of an IS.