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Once you’re done, report to Morlinde. Calm the uneasy spirit Enter the tree and talk to the elven ghost.

Your new goal will be retrieving the Adamantine Heart. They will be talking about the released dragon and the slain Grand Inquisitor.


A female character may attempt to seduce him. Convince the high dront Abbot can be found in the temple of Peraine Meet with the Major-domo in the residence Once you arrive at your residence Major-domo Muddlemosh will give you a message – it seems that Mage Rakorium wants you to come to the temple of Hesinde 2 and talk to it’s guardian Dorion 2 about the problem with the Dragon Quest.

To Praios Square II.

Destroy the barrel just opposite from the bar. Near the next bridge Archon Megalon The Cleansing of the Crypts Morlinde 6 or, will give you this quest after you’ve completed Find Morlinde in Moorbridge There are eight crypts. Settle the argument Talk to them and pick the solution that fits you the most – the result will be the same in all scenarios – the farmers will thank you and you’ll gain some xp.

Report to Barla Relate your findings Barla 5. Stay with him until you reach the harbor, and talk to him. You will also receive an owl skull, which will come in handy later. Rivsr the Bandit 2.

You’ll refuse to take the money.

Ardo’s murder scene 7. Approach the pier and talk to guard Brintel M4 5 who is in charge of drqkensang the crime scene 6.


Gothic 3 PL Edycja Rozszerzona

Find the poradnuk armor Kurkumian armor can be found in a chest near the battlefield. Po jej zabiciu do twojego ekwipunku trafi kolejna sowia czaszka.

Ask him for help. Take the lunch to the woodcutters Take the lunch to the woodcutters. At the end of the conversation they will hand over the burial jewelry. Tell her that you will never surrender the jewel and Malgorra will kill Mercenary Gudwin, and you will still have to tge her the Dragon’s Eye.

He will tell you the story of the local hunter Morla’s owl skull Earn Alvina’s trust Alvina 11 has her camp in the middle of the forest. Ask him to help you get to Murolosh. Take the pot to Saphira Take the pot back to Saphira, riveg receive her owl skull.

She has paid them to free her man.


Thankful, she will join your party. Save messenger Gondwin Head towards the castle. I know about the incident Find a replacement poadnik Head to the place dwarf told you about and you will be attacked by a wild dog. An Invitation from an Old Friend continued Head to your friend’s house Right besides the city gate you will meet guard Grobbinger 1. Right wing of Umbacor’s thd, Left wing of Umbarcor’s statue, Back of Umbacor’s statue Take the statue pieces do Dorion Once you’ll get all of the pieces return to Dorion.

Enter the camp and kill the guards.

poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj

For a handful of ducats working for the Neisbecks You will receive the quest after contacting Pagol Babek 9. She will thank you and promise dgakensang say a good word for you to Nandor Once you’ll kill her search her body to find a magic ring.


The Examination You will receive this quest from Runkel 4.

Sneak up to him and pick his pockets – get the key and rivef back to the mage. Take back the order list Go back to Laran 10 and give him the order.

Near the tent in the woods 11 you will find a chest. Find hunter Owlstone Your mission is to find Owlstone. He will ask you to receive an order from innkeeper at “Silver Pitcher”. Try to focus your attacks on the drakensanv creature and only after it’s dead take care of the rest.

She will offer to help you if you’ll bring her the ceremonial wine from the Inquisition camp. Reginald will talk to him and learn that there’s someone worth talking to in the “Fleet Footed Ferret” 1. Talk to Salina All you need to do now is talk to Salina. If you choose the right dialog options he will even be willing to trade with you. Find the dancing place The magical spot can be found in north-eastern part of the map Drakensang Strona w sklepie. After they’re done talking they will go to hide the loot.

Now head to the temple and talk to Morlinde. Gate guard Grobbinger 2. Crypt with deont Morlinde inside