Semester 4 Lecture Notes EC Control Systems -Mini Lecture Notes – REC Edition Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: pdf. ANNA UNIVERSITY EC CONTROL SYSTEMS NOTESANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 4TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: EC Subject Name: Control Systems Subject Code: EC EC Control Systems -Mini Lecture (Size: KB / Downloads: ) . Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal.

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What are static error constants? A control system is an arrangement of physical components The term control system may be applied to the essentially manual Phase lag, lead, Documents. State Nyquist stability Criterion. Define position, velocity error constants.

What are the advantages of state face analysis? Compare series compensator and feed back compensator. Sysems the Bode plot and hence find Gain cross over frequency ,Phase cross over frequency, Gain margin and Phase margin. Cs Database Management Systems Documents. What are the methods available for the stability analysis of sampled data control system? What is non-minimum transfer function?

EC 2255 Control Systems

What is frequency response analysis? Name the methods of state space representation for phase variables. Explain the solution for state equation for discrete time system. Explain state space representation for continues time system.


Derive the transfer function for Field controlled DC servo motor. Dene stability o f a system.

Explain the procedure for lead compensation and lag compensation? New systems without X25 protocol support. EC Control Systems Documents. Write the differential equations governing the Mechanical system shown in fig. What is the response of the system for unit step input? Construct th e equivalent Signal Flow Graph a nd obtain 8 ii For t he block diagram shown below, nd t he output C due to R and disturbance D.

Plot the Bode diagram for the following transfer function and obtain the gain and phase cross over frequencies. Write notes on controllability and absorbability.

List the Frequency domain specifications Newer Post Older Post Home. How will syetems find the root locus on real systemd

Write the advantages and disadvantages of sampled data control system. Posted by vijaya kumar at What is root locus? Sullabus the response of a second order under damped system. Determine t he value of Kwhich will cause sustained oscillations in t he closed loop system. What are the two contours of Nichols chart? Define Gain Margin Find the rise time, percentage over shoot, peak time and settling time.


Derive the expressions for Rise time, Peak time, Peak overshoot. MSc Program in Systems Control meth. What i s meant by Corner frequency in frequency response analysis?


Write down t he transfer function o f the system whose controo diagram is shown below. Draw electrical lag-lead compensator network Determine whether the system is completely controllable and observable. Define rise time, delay time, peak time.

Obtain an expression for closed loop transfer function. Also determine the frequency of sustained oscillations.

EC Control Systems -Mini Lecture Notes – REC Edition

What is lag-lead compensator? What are break away points?

Explain the types of compensation? What are the two methods of designing a control system? What is sampled data control system? What is time response?

Sketch the polar plot for the following transfer function and find Gain cross over frequency, Phase cross over frequency, Gain margin and Phase margin.