G Edward Griffin Die Kreatur Von Jekyll Island. 6 likes. Book. Book Description Kopp Verlag Aug , Buch. Condition: Neu. Neuware – ‘Gebt mir die Kontrolle über die Währung einer Nation, dann ist es für mich. Die Kreatur von Jekyll Island – die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve ; das schrecklichste Ungeheuer, das die internationale Hochfinanz je schuf. Aus dem.

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Showing of 1 reviews. In answering those questions we finally come to grips with the reality of what this creature from Jekyll Island is. As I mentioned before, it is a corporation that is chartered by Congress and like all corporations it has stock certificates and those stock certificates in this case are held by the banks within the Federal Reserve System.

Once we had achieved that pinnacle of performance, however, this was the point in history where the shift was going away from competition toward monopoly. I saw a video some years ago about the lava tubes in Hawaii. Another way of phrasing that is that a dollar in today buys about nine cents worth of goods.

I’d like to read them to you now just so that you get an idea of where I’m coming from, as they say. For example, Frank Vanderlip who was at the meeting wrote an article that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on February 9, and I’d like to read krsatur you just a short excerpt from that article.

When a person has all the wealth that you could possibly want for the material pleasures of life, what is left? The treasury official deposits the check into the government’s checking account and all of a sudden the computers start to click and it shows that the government has a billion dollar deposit meaning that it can now write a billion dollars in checks against that deposit which it starts to do real fast.

They wanted a flexible currency so they could lower interest rates and entice people back into the banks to borrow money and to reverse the trend toward private capital iwland.

G Edward Griffin

The meeting on Jekyll Island was merely the culmination of that trend where they came together completely and decided not to compete–they formed a cartel. They are using this river of wealth to acquire power over you and me and our children.


Our Panels are Fully Curved at factory and they are ready for installation right away. They’re not buying more yachts and mansions with this money, they’ve already got all of those they possibly want. Is it a solution to abolish griffn Fed and turn it over to the Congress to run on behalf of the people? It was a nifty arrangement for these governments.

Product details Hardcover Publisher: Edward Griffin breaks down how the pharmaceutical industry is monopolized by the state for economic means, barring us from actually having the cure for Bitter Almonds and Vitamin B17 with G. They were instructed to avoid newspaper reporters at all cost because they were well-known people and had they been seen by a reporter they would’ve asked questions.

For example, the holders of these certificates cannot sell them. Whether it’s expansion or contraction, inflation or deflation the banks are covered and we like sheep go right along with it because we haven’t figured it out, we don’t know that this is vno scam.

I knew they were creating this money like crazy, why only this inflation? Furthermore the larger banks put up more money than the smaller di, it’s a ratio to their assets, so the larger banks have more stock certificates in the system than the small ones and yet regardless of the number that they hold, every bank has just one vote. Edward Griffin World Alternative Media 2 years ago. The people paid for them uncomplainingly through the process of inflation.

I know a lot of you folks agree with them right off the bat, but I presume that there are some skeptics here tonight and I hope there are otherwise I am the minister talking to the choir. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Everybody knew that the Republicans represented big business but they also knew that Democrats represented the common man, the little guy, the fellow on the assembly line like Ted Kennedy.

Let’s let that go for the moment and say ok if that is the purpose of the Fed, let’s give it a report card and see how well it has done in stabilizing the economy. When they were done they went back to New York. People like Barry Lind are undoubtedly living very well and there are plenty of people in the system who are living very rie.


You apply this same ratio and can you see it in your mind? It’s a hybrid, part corporation and part government, part private, part government. They took the bill back for it was just a minor setback, they scrambled the paragraphs around a little bit, took Aldrich’s name off real fast and they found a couple of Democrats to sponsor the bill. Get a picture of this that it’s all going into a lake somewhere and maybe there’s a dam and the krfatur is building up and somewhere they’re getting it all.

The Mandrake Mechanism

What the nation needs, they said, is a flexible currency to meet the demands of industry and agriculture. He signs the check and gives it to the treasury official.

On that basis, let’s give it a report card. The ones that were right up at the nozzle got our lost purchasing power. The Quigley Formula FloydAnderson4 6 years ago. This is just as true with a banking cartel as it is with any other industry.

The results were nearly the opposite. Like the other day I read that the Federal Reserve System bought dollars today to bolster up the dollar.

Now it was the Glass-Owen bill and it was totally cie and acceptable. We need to stop here for a minute and ask a question.

Creature From Jekyll Island – G Edward Griffin – Häftad () | Bokus

Boy, did they ever. Stefan Molyneux and G. We were instructed to come one at a time and as unobtrusively as possible to the railroad terminal on the New Jersey littoral of the Hudson where Senator Aldrich’s private car would be in readiness attached to the rear-end of a train to the south. It was happening at the turn of the century. It will probably be a different color. What is the benefit to the members of the partnership?

Not exactly a secret that you couldn’t discover because anybody can go to the library and dig this out, but it is certainly not taught in textbooks.

In fact they got rid of the mansions on Jekyll Island a long time ago because they were bored with that.