Effective Communication Skills has ratings and 32 reviews. Yuliia said: Effective communication Skills was a course divided into lectures. It went th. Written by Dalton Kehoe, The Great Courses, narrated by Dalton Kehoe. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. This course provides a theoretical and practical survey of the ideas behind and the practices of effective communication. It helps you become aware of the.

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This was more academic than I was expecting.

Interesting and well delivered A really nicely presented lecture series going into interesting detail around how our minds work, how this impacts communication and how we can communicate better 3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Then he brings with forward and shows how we are commujication as children affects us as adults. It is THE best communications and self development boom I have listened to. Leadership, Appreciation, and Productivity. There is nothing on communicating with strangers or in the workplace. And no matter why you engage in face-to-face talk, there’s no way to insulate yourself from the dangers of miscommunication.

Effective Communication Skills

I liked this book, lots of data and good advice. Or you might be tryin Talk is something you do every day. Since listening to this book I feel more confident in communication.


Assertive Dialogue to Manage Disagreement. Filled to the brim with useful knowledge. More than a half-century after it burst upon the intellectual scene – with roots that extend to the midth century – Existentialism’s quest to answer these most fundamental questions of individual responsibility, morality, and personal freedom, life has continued to exert a profound attraction.

And no matter why you engage in face-to-face talk, there’s no way to insulate yourself from the dangers of miscommunication. And no matter why you engage in face-to-face talk, there’s no way to insulate yourself from the dangers of miscommunication.

The course is divided into two parts one theoretical and another with practical examples. But with the knowledge, strategies, and skills offered by this course, that hard-to-find effectiveness will be only a conversation away. I was laughing in some parts cause it broke down how I thought and respond in all types of communication.

The first part is more academic. No matter why you engage in face-to-face talk, though, there’s no way to insulate yourself from daltkn dangers of miscommunication. Effective Communication Skills by Dalton Kehoe. I found the theory section to be rather boring, but others may find it fascinating. As a result, whether we realize it or not, skilla drive to obtain food has been a major catalyst across all of commmunication, from prehistoric times to the present.


Effective Communication Skills

The lectures covered a broad range of topics. I found it outstanding.

I started applying it immediately and changing how I communicate. Really this is a masterful piece of work! For me it was a nice reminder of all the pshycho-stuff. This one effectife pretty good. What I didn’t expect was that this course is applicable to life in general, and that it would provide beneficial to my marriage.

Effective Communication Skills – Dalton Kehoe – Google Books

Points Not Effectively Communicated There were some helpful tips here and there but the course plodded with lots of platitudinizing. I didn’t find this course worth my time. Dialogue—Ethical Choices behind Our Talk. Its a must read for all. Thankfully this was one of my introductory freebies, as I would be extremely annoyed had I paid for this. How communicwtion we get the most out of our body and mind on a daily basis? Finally, the last part of the course concentrates on workplace communication.

I just wanted to improve the clarity of my oral communications, not learn how to manipulate people.