User Guide EFT Wireless Series INGENICO avenue Charles de Gaulle Power travel adapter (When no base) Or EFT terminal unit equipped with a paper roll Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva Manuel d installation Installation manual Part. EFT Mobile GPRS Terminal Quick Reference Guide 0 Send Mobile GPRS .. Linksys Gateway SPASU Manual Manuel de l’utilisateur Table of . Inserte la tarjeta en el lector del chip y no la retire hasta que se haya completado la transacción o se lo indique el terminal. Si hay problemas de lectura del chip.

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Step 3 Close the printer door until an audible click is heard and tear off the excess. Make sure More information. Turn the terminal and unclip the top cover flap by pushing on the clips with your nails as shown with the arrows on the picture SAM1 and SAM2 are indentified by the engraved marks on the lower housing When introducing a SAM in its slot, be sure to put the cut corner as indicated on the picture Close the cover flap TIP Use a piece of adhesive tape to grip the SAM for easier and faster removal.

Net has made efforts to ensure the.

User Manual Spire Payments SP Family – PDF

Charge the battery module SPw60 and SPw Using the Terminal 9 6. If your terminal cannot read the Chip you may be given the option to swipe the card s magnetic stripe. The five blue stages above represent a successful contactless card read process Hi Mznuel have ingenico iwl and also i have a local bank app and sign card but my terminal have irruption alert problem how can i reactivate product for using it is showing: S80 Users Manual v1.


Used batteries must be disposed of at the appropriates sites. Two options for getting started: This is known as the application bar and it displays information about the transaction in progress. Sale Inserting More information.

All rights reserved 1 Overview Your V provides standard cellphone functions, and adds WiFi connectivity. Content of the box A user guide A power supply unit that connects the power supply to the electric network A telephone cable With base modem A battery pack eft390s Power travel adapter When no base Or EFT terminal unit equipped with a paper roll A base receiving the unit if no power travel adapter WARNING The power supply unit provided with your equipment is specially designed for Ingenico terminals.

Raidy Machado 6 April at Thank you for choosing the Boost Mobile Wi-Fi. Step 4 Turn the terminal over and tear off the excess.

EFT Wireless Series – PDF

I have ict and iWL terminals, as I can save the application mauel disassembling the terminal. Monday, 24 September Device Tamper detection. Must be installed near the equipment and easily accessible; Must meet standards and regulations in the country where used; For type A plug, the protection of the installation must be set to 20 A.

The abandonment or uncontrolled disposal of waste can cause harm to environment and to human health. Please contact your terminal leasing company for further details on how to add other transactions.

If you are prompted for a cardholder PIN, use. Curious Pineapple 22 March at You now own one of the most intelligent.

User Manual Spire Payments SP Family

Hello, We have ISC terminals and occasionally when a customer enters their chip card the units restart and flash: Local Merchant Password The local password sometimes referred to as a merchant password is used to protect certain terminal functions, such as enabling Training Mode. How to revert terminal back to mock-up? Do not drop or impact.


The lifespan depends on: Contactless Transactions Supported The following transactions are permissible with a contactless card: Vipin Kumar 30 April at If such permission is granted, it will be subject to the condition that the recipient ensures that any other recipient of this document, or information contained therein, is held responsible to INGENICO for the confidentiality of that information.

To protect against fraudulent activity with regard to voice referred transactions, you must amend your merchant password to your own value.

Explosion areas Certain regulations restrict the use of radio equipment in chemical plants, fuel depots and any site where blasting is carried out. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Anonymous 9 July at Please read through this User Manual which contains important information to help you install, use and maintain your payment terminal.

Thank you in advance!

Presenting A Contactless Card Cont. Getting to Know Your Device Government and by the Canadian regulatory authorities. Using the Terminal More information. Optimum M Quick reference guide Description of functions Thermal printer paper compartment Hotline Loading unit masked Direct selection function keys Direct selection function keys. Tests for SAR are conducted using standard operating positions accepted by the FCC and by Industry Canada with the phone transmitting at its highest certified power level in etf930s tested frequency bands.

Hi, I have smart cards to repair sagem eft alert irruption, Battery level indicator only portable terminals. Sensitive cardholder data means: