Strategy Guide for Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De(Aselia the Eternal – The Spirit of Eternity Sword) originally posted by 永遠のアセリア (Eien no Aselia, Aselia the Eternal). August 27, ·. A useful walkthrough for those who are having a hard time. (Note: contains spoilers so. Think you’re an expert in Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword -? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into.

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Post on Nov 1. The one without the sex scenes of course – it’s not like I’m interested in those anyway. Dammit I want the real sequel so bad. Arn’t reincarnations suppose to look exactly the same? Her HP is shit. My only question is how much content, and enjoyability am i missing out on by not playing eien no aselia?

Lv94 or more Mind 90 or more? Sorry you can’t tell, newfag. Going on my super hard route now. Also, Aseia was under the impression that everyone was once part of this primordial Shinken or was it something completely different?

No matter what fight I was fighting, I never forgot him. Managing usage of your best skills so you have reserves for bosses is important as it was in both of those games. And I see you’re on Aselia’s route. Blue spirits are the physical fighters available to you, dealing massive damage in the attack role but also countering enemy magic when supporting. I can’t remember information on whether he was an Eternal and which sword could he have in such case.


Spend all walithrough mana immediately.

Dakkodango Translations

Rescue Esperia Extra Mission Orpha: Luckily I saved at the start of the battle, but what the shit? The game also kinda limits you to single build pattern, you can’t do for example and all redspirit build and finish the game using it. I picked the ‘I wont sacrifice them’ option but they still died.

The Identification Thread is Here: In Normal difficulty the highest level that you can train your characters to is Although I think it’s not too bad though. But damn this game is really tedious, especially the final mission. So I’ve noticed a couple of pictures with Aselia containing ‘dead’ eyes fien is this what happens when her mind goes too walkthrouhg or something?

As a reward, I will now rape you. Otherwise, these three are just score counters. He didn’t give me an exact date but it sounds like within the next day or two. With a unique gameplay component that complements a novel method of storytelling, this is a VN that deserves to be played.


Seinarukana Discussion : visualnovels

There are also some bonus scenes many of which deal with those two characters. You should go to your display settings and set it to keep the aspect ratio. By the way I totally dig Helion’s voice and Kira’s voice actors. What level am I supposed to be by chapter 3? Yuuto’s support skills are awesome. Since Actions listed as A on skill windows defines how many times that skill will be used in this battle, walkthrugh that value is a nl powerful tool. Most of the missions reward you for completing them faster.


Helion was damn cute, not on Aselia level but I really wanted to eirn more scenes with her. Hell, the only thing I really use her and to a lesser extent Faren for is tanks since they have surprisingly high health. I understand the Attack, Defense and Resist modifiers of the skills but what about Actions?