E L E C T R I B E ANALOG M D E L I N G S Y N T H E S I Z E R EA-1 Owner’s Manual Thank you purchasing the Korg ELECTRIBE-A EA In order to enjoy. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the EA-1 from Korg. The Korg Electribe A (EA-1) is an analogue modeling synthesizer in the Korg Electribe series “Korg Electribe EA1 Owner’s Manual” (PDF). Korg Inc. Korg Inc .

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If the results are not as desired, please re-record your motion sequence. With the factory settings, this will be “on.

If you raise the reso- nance and turn the Cutoff knob or adjust EG Int and De- cayyou will hear the typical “meow-ing” sound typical of analog synthesizers. Slightly raise the master volume of the EA-1, and press the Keyboard function key. Do not use liquid cleaners such as ben- zene or thinner, or cleaning compounds or flammable polishes.

Press the Pattern mode key to enter Pattern mode. Hold down the Shift key and press elechribe key 13 Insert Pat- tern. If you switch to a different song while editing a song, your edited data will be lost.

Korg ElecTribe A (EA-1) | Vintage Synth Explorer

When you select a pattern for the “End” position, the “End” will move to the next position. The 13 key will blink.

To change the target step, you can use the dial or press one of the sixteen step keys. If you wish to keep the modified tempo, you must perform the Write operation refer to p. Go to synthesizers Korg. Rotate elechribe dial to change the pattern, and try out the wide variety of sounds. Rotate the dial to select the position from which you wish to delete the pattern.


Hold down the Shift key and press step key 16 Clear Song. The value of the motion sequence knob will be held at the note timing of that part.

Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner’s Manual

Use the step keys as manhal keyboard. Use the step keys to input the pitch for each note of the phrase. Switching patterns When you switch patterns, Program Change and Bank Select messages [Bn, 00, mm] control change 00[Bn, 20, bb] con- trol change 32 mm: This will require apporoximately 15 seconds.

These products are warranted by the KORG distributor only in each country. The pattern sound that you modify here elecrribe be saved by the Write operation p.

On the EA-1 you can create and save patterns. When you use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indicate Tempo, and the tempo you modified will appear in the display. There are no reviews to display. Press the Pattern mode key to enter Pattern mode. By holding down this key and pressing one of the step keys, you can switch to the pattern that you assigned to that key Pattern Set function.

Got it, continue to print. Hold down the Keyboard function key and press a step key to switch to the pattern that was assigned to that step key. If you wish to save the completed pattern, press the Write key.

Key 16 will blink. Setting the playback tempo Tempo Page 16 – Realtime recording using the Keyboard f The key will light, and then go dark. If you shorten a pattern you create, the data will be copied according to the shortened length.


If you record a mankal sequence on the same part using a different knob, the effect of the previously recorded knob will disappear. With a setting of 3 The data of each step will be moved three steps toward the end of the pattern.

The Start message speci- fies when playback will begin.

Korg EA-1 – Wikipedia

Creating a song Creating a song from scratch Here’s how to create a song by placing patterns in the desired order. Rec key Use this key electrube record phrases and movements of the knobs etc.

Page 38 – Recording knob movements or your perform In a synchronized system, one synthesizer the master will transmit these messages, and the other sequencer s the slave s will receive these messages. At this time you can use the Select keys to change the pattern set group indicated by the red select LEDs lower line 1—4, to use 16×4 total of 64 pattern sets.

If a MIDI Start message is received while the EA-1 is already playing in synchronization with MIDI Clock, the EA-1 will begin playback from the beginning of the cur- rently playing pattern or in maual case of a song, from the beginning of the pattern that was playing when elecrtibe Start message was received.