Allco is NZs Emseal supplier; Emseal offers a range of seismic joints for decks including DSM System for decks & below-grade walls. Call us: 09 Allco is NZs Emseal supplier; we offer a range of seismic joints for split slabs including DSM-FP System. Call & discuss waterproofing on: 09 EMSEAL DSM-FP (DSM For Plaza Decks and Split Slabs) Install Data. May , Page 1 of EMSEAL JOINT SYSTEMS, LTD. 25 Bridle Lane, Westborough.

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Articles Sanika receives an Award of Excellence. The side flashing sheets are lowered into the liquid membrane or into the non sag mastic component of a sheet waterproofing system and sandwiched with another layer of waterproofing. This ensures water tightness is achieved at the deck surface emseaal in gutters from dmseal water must be managed.

For new construction and retrofit of old or failed joint systems For restoring watertightness to chronic leaking over occupied spaces Uniquely suited to joint openings between split-slab and solid slab construction Uniquely suited to deck-to-wall and deck-to-column conditions in split-slab construction Plaza and podium decks Split slab or asphalt-overlay parking decks Airport roadways Mall bridge connectors Stadium concourses, etc.


Highly configurable, the DSM System uniquely handles changes in plane and direction essential to ensuring continuity of seal. Silicone application and curing takes place in a factory-controlled environment.

After removal from the shrink-wrap and hard board restraining packaging, emsea expands gradually. Non-Invasive Anchoring—there are no hard metal-to-concrete connections in the system. Kryton What is Crystalline?

Emseal DSM System

The mounting leg assembly is delivered with opposing legs factory-set to the nominal joint size. Straddles structural joint-gaps 12mm to mm. Emesal under 40mm are manufactured with a single bellows.

Sizes under 40mm are manufactured with a single bellows. Alternative to caulk and backer rod in smaller control joints and building component joints in:.

DSM-FP is a trafficable joint system for use in plaza decks and split slabs. Silicone sealant is not degraded by contact with fuel. It is watertight, and sound-dampened designed for expansion joint gaps measuring 4-inches and less.

The factory-assembled bellows and foam manufactured at applicable widths and depths are shipped from the factory. Consecutive lengths are joined through the field-application of manufacturer-supplied, low-modulus, high-movement silicone to the intersecting bellows surfaces. The foam provides a resilient backing to the silicone coating, making the system capable of resisting reasonable transient point loads.

Emseal DSM System | Allco – Waterproofing Solutions LTD

About About Affiliations and Partners. An unmatched performance record has established DSM System as a standard for parking deck and stadium expansion joint sealing. Continuity of Seal—as in all EMSEAL expansion joint systems, continuity of seal through emsdal in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator. DSM-DS Double Sided is also available which is built with the silicone coating on the top and bottom surface contact Allco to discuss this product further.


Emseal standard colour is grey for other colours contact Allco.

CALL 09 News Emseal Finally, expansion jointing that works! Larger sizes incorporate multiple bellows. Traffic durable, joint-face adhered and pre-compressed, DSM System is a primary seal for deck expansion joints.

A watertight expansion joint, the DSM System is for horizontal-plane deck applications. Substrates must be parallel, plumb and capable of resisting approx.

Some swelling of the material will normally occur, emsea it will return to its original shape upon evaporation of the fuel. The system is comprised of 1 pre-compressed, silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid; 2 field-applied epoxy adhesive on the joint faces; 3 a silicone sealant band that seals substrate voids and irregularities.

Alternative to caulk and backer rod in smaller control joints and building component joints in: Case Studies Waterproofing Services.