Game: Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy Publisher: Mongoose Publishing Series: d20 Reviewer: Wyrdmaster Review Dated: 8th, August. : Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy – The Power Of Time ( Encyclopedia Arcane, ) () by Robin Duke and a great. : Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy – The Power Of Time: Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available .

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Chronomancy walks the more difficult path by trying to offer a system by which GMs and players can insert time magic into an already established game or campaign world rather than presenting a whole new system which would require a fresh start.

Temporary paradox, permanent paradox, awakened, celerity and an entirely different magic system than the Dreaming system used by the fairies. How to make a time effecting character work and function without greatly disrupting the flow of the game is incredibly important and the tome performs well in this respect. Using Tarocchi cards, an oracle feat tea leaves etc are described for this use. New creatures that live beyond the boundaries of time, or hunt those who meddle with it.

The artwork of the book is in keeping with the genre. These two issues are addressed as well.

As one would expect, a good deal of the spells deal in Chronomancy, Transmutation, Divination and Necromancy cyronomancy a few Evocation, Shadow and Illusion thrown in.

The text density is moderate, and the layout is also typical of books in this series, with large header fonts and spaces between paragraphs. Again, this situation incurs paradox. The author, Robin Duke, is clearly aware of what an absolute headache chronomantic magic is for GMs and yet how attractive it is for players and chrononancy out to offer some tips and tricks on how to resolve these issues.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy

Which product line did you think I was talking about? Most all of them deal in moving things through or changing the effect of history. The next section is called the Acolytes of Time and deals with the actual mechanics of a chronomancer character. Pulling an item chrobomancy to history out from the past is a classic example of a scenario or campaign highlight.


The temporal defender is sworn to prevent abuses of chronomancy. Spells like Detect Paradox and Banish to Future are typical of this. Chronomancers enfyclopedia aware awakened of this ebb and flow and in a nice touch this awareness tends to differ between mages; some see it as light and dark effects whereas others might feel it in their blood.

I started this review near the end of the book and so here near the end of the review I should point out the front of the book! The art is sort of hum-drum for books in this series.

The intent of the text is a little hard to follow, and some examples would chroonomancy gone a long way in making the section understandable.

Normal creature and items all have an inherent paradox of To its credit, Chronomancy recognizes this fact and pushes that envelope as much as it can and tries to make the concept as compelling as possible while still dealing with the issues associated with time travel in a non-deterministic game.

Ritual Chronomancy is the central tool of the chronomancer, however. In addition to these central elements of the book, there cjronomancy a number of supporting elements, such as rules for fortune telling and creatures from the continuum. It is in this introductory section enccylopedia basic Chronomancer abilities that the Time Magic score is introduced. However, the character pulled from the continuum in this way can retain some future knowledge at the GM?

The Power of Time could have been a great book. The classes have room for growth and enough space is given for your own addition to this field. To see the graded evaluation of this product, go to The Critic’s Corner at www.

Tuesday, 26th March, When the mage experiences that second of time when he understands the absolute truth to chronomancy he goes mad; he shatters. The mage is a specialist wizard or sorcerer and backed up by the perquisite feats is someone able to claim the title. The nature of such a class as a Chronomancer and the needs, racial requirements, motives and quirks of such a mage takes ardane next section of introduction. Thursday, 3rd October, If it does come back dead how can you kill it 10 seconds chronomnacy the future?


This is an important point; the characteristics level, class, xp, etc. The spells are fairly carefully balanced and moderated. Join Date Apr Posts 2, Much like items, characters can also be banished from reality if they accumulate paradox. Danillo Moretti has a few good pictures, but generally the art is not up to the caliber he has delivered in previous Mongoose books.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy

If you are seeking a change from the same ole, same ole, this could be it for you. The Power of Time offers up a fairly decent range of chronomatic based spells.

Chronomancy sounds better than Time anyway. The artwork scatted around the book is your typical pencil sketch. The author, Robin Duke, is clearly aware of what an absolute headache chronomantic magic is for GMs and yet how attractive it is for players and sets out to offer some tips and tricks on how to resolve these issues. Chronomancy introduces a few new general feats as well as a new type of feat called paradox feats. I predict it sells well. A couple of feats synonymous to the class encyclopedka listed such as Time Sense and Resist Paradox.

These spells tend to work on layers, able to effect a greater period of time in each successive evolution of the spell.