This kit provides all of the necessary materials to conduct the EPA A test. It can be used to analyze finished drinking water, drinking water in any stage for. EPA Method a – Screening for Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Perchlorination and Gas Chromatography. Analyzer Description. Configuration: 1-capillary. Subsequently, the LabCert program has only offered certification for the analysis of PCBs in drinking water by EPA method A. Method A, and s.

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Repeated failure, however, will confirm a general problem with the measurement system. Start to purge the aqueous mixture.

Methods for the Determination of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water

Transfer to a TFE-fluorocarbon- sealed screw cap bottle and store at room temperature. If the retention time of an unknown compound corresponds, within limits, to the retention time of a standard compound, then identification is considered positive. Microsyringes — Various standard sizes. Prior to metgod, wash vials and septa with detergent and rinse with tap and distilled water.

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In addition, James J. The form of each acid is not distinguished by this method.

For those compounds that meet the acceptable criteria, performance is considered acceptable and sample analysis may begin.


Wherever a set of samples is shipped and stored, it is accompanied by appropriate blanks. Dilute to volume with MTBE and thoroughly mix the solution. Reagent water fortified with Aroclor is recommended for this test.

After analysis of a sample containing high concentrations of analytes, one or more injections of MTBE should be made to ensure that accurate values are obtained for the next sample. It is recommended that sample matrix effects be evaluated at least quarterly using the QCS ea in The cartridges are small about 0. This material was not commercially available at time of publication.

Mwthod addition to PCBs, several compounds and classes of compounds will form DCB with varying yields when extracted and perchlorinated according to this procedure. Also, note that all analytes listed in the Scope and Application Section are not resolved from each other on any one column, i.

Three microliter sample volumes were injected on-column into a 0. HC1 to equal volume of reagent water. Results were used to determine analyte EDLs and demonstrate method range 1.


Ho – Method Five calibration solutions containing DCB from 0. The following method analytes have been tentatively classified as known or suspected human or mammal. Protect interference-free solvents by storing in an area known to be mehtod of organochlorine solvents.


Separatory Funnel — 2-L with Teflon stopcock. In general, heptachlor showed inconsistent results.

EPA Method 508A Screening for Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Perchlorination

Calibration standards and quality control samples may be available commercially, or may be available on a limited basis from the Quality Assurance Research Division, Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory – Cincinnati, 26 W. Sources of background contamination are glassware, purge gas, sorbents, and equipment.

A second LFB containing each analyte that failed must be analyzed. Decant the top layer into a second mL test tube. These calculated control limits should never exceed those established in Section Budde Many of the nearly organic analytes included in this manual may be identified and measured in drinking water using two or more of the documented analytical methods.

Do not subtract method blanks from the sample data unless otherwise required in the procedure. This method may be applicable to the determination of salts and esters of analyte acids. Vials — to mL amber glass with Teflon-lined screw caps.