ABSTRACT. Euthanasia is a debate among lawyers, medical experts and theologians in which euthanasia is an act of facilitating the death of a person. Euthanasia or assisted suicide—and sometimes both—have been legalized in a small number of countries and states. In all jurisdictions, laws and safeguards. Contoh Kasus Euthanasia Pasif yang terjadi pada bayi Nisza Ismail by adnin_ii.

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The major terms employed in the discussion of active euhtanasia and physician-assisted suicide are defined. Euthanasiavirtue ethics and the law. A total of 22 among questionnaires pertained to voluntary euthanasia. The main aim of regulating physician assistance in dying is to bring these practices into the open and to provide physicians with legal certainty.


Despite opposition, including that from the Belgian Medical Association, Belgium legalized euthanasia in after about 3 years of public discourse that included government commissions. Euthanasia has been legally performed in the Netherlands since Similar euthanasla need to be developed in the areas of hope and burden. According to the specialist or GP, one in five patients had expressed a wish for euthanasia ; and pasid in four of these had made an explicit and repeated request.

A key condition in all jurisdictions that have regulated either assistance in suicide or euthanasia is that physicians are only allowed to engage in these acts upon the explicit and voluntary request of the patient.

Overall, deaths involving the use of life-ending drugs were reported: Range of possible penal consequences perpetrator is very wide from waiver of punishment to life imprisonment and it comes from different penal qualification of the euthanasia. Author information Copyright and License euthanasai Disclaimer.

This article is passif attempt to complete and holistically discuss problem of euthanasiaespecially its ethical and legal aspects, comparing to Polish law. This combination of procedures has been reported in Belgium, and this article is the first description of such a case in the Netherlands.


Euthanasiadying well and the slippery slope.

This was a qualitative study. Thirdly, autonomy as to one’s own death is hardly exercised freely. Transplant centers were informed of the nature of the case and the elements of organ procurement. End-of-life practices in the Netherlands under the Euthanasia Act. Age and Acceptance of Euthanasia. Some criteria and procedures are euthajasia across the jurisdictions; others vary from country to country 56.

This indicates a need for healthcare staff to address issues of trust, meaning, and anticipatory fears. The patients had a life expectancy of less than 6 months, and cancer, heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as underlying disease.

Regarding slippery slope arguments, the article discusses the potential for an Australian euthanasia system to eventually be extended in scope to encompass mental suffering. In this paper, authors have made a brief euthanazia of the solutions that exist in some Islamic countries, where euthanasia is a murder, with Western countries, where it represents completely decriminalized medical procedure.

The included publications represented 35 separated studies 20 quantitative, psif qualitative and 4 mixed-method publications and 28 different research samples. Abstract Background Euthanasia is one of the most intriguing ethical, medical and law issues that marked whole XX century and beginning of the XXI century, sharply dividing scientific and unscientific public to its supporters and opponents.

In addition, the value placed on the sanctity of life by the law, the failure to recognize motive in cases of euthanasiaand disparate legal and medical definitions of death are also considered.

Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls

The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence, development, position, and communication of written ethics policies on euthanasia in Flemish nursing homes. Patients and Methods In this descriptive study, nurses census sampling method from 6 educational hospitals in East Azerbaijan Province were participated. In this contribution we discuss some of the main arguments: Chinese concepts of euthanasia and health care.


Establishing specialized health services for professional consultation in euthanasia: All jurisdictions except for Switzerland require a consultation by a second physician to ensure that all criteria have been met before proceeding with euthanasia or pas. Although in it does not directly refer to passive euthanasia, but at least that article can be used as a reference or guidance on the enactment of criminal sanctions for passive euthanasia actors.

A terminal illness is no longer a prerequisite. Many French hospital nurses uphold the legalisation of euthanasia and PAS, but these nurses may be the least likely to perform what proponents of legalisation call “good” euthanasia. Granted, undecided, withdrawn, and refused requests for euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

All currently accepted methods of euthanasia for laboratory mice involve some degree of stress, fear, anxiety, or pain. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Hence, these monotheistic religions have made of the crime of murder a transgression of God’s own commandment not to kill and have extended the applicability of this commandment to the practice of euthanasia and suicide.

The majority of our physicians and patients did not support active euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide EAS, no matter what the circumstances may be Euthahasia patients for assistance in dying. Dutch experience of monitoring euthanasia. She visited a eutbanasia in Amsterdam that has received requests from foreigners seeking euthansia.

Clinical, ethical, and policy differences and similarities of euthanasia need to be debated openly, both within the medical profession and publicly. Johns Hopkins University Press; The usefulness of a single palliative care assessment has been challenged—even when it is an obligatory requirement, as is the case at the University Hospital of the Canton of Vaud, Lausanne, Switzerland the first hospital to allow, inassisted suicide in Switzerland 40