Faithless is the fifth novel in the Grant County, Georgia series by author Karin Slaughter. It was originally published in hardback in It was a #1 The Times . Praise. “Georgia medical examiner Sara Linton returns in Slaughter’s Grant County crime thriller series, and this time she’s hot on the trail of a demented killer. If fans of medical thrillers haven’t yet discovered author Karin Slaughter, her newest book Faithless may be the one to catch their eyes. Faithless is the continuing.

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Her parents are great too. Don’t read this after dark. Recommended to anyone who enjoys works by Tess Gerritsen or Patricia Cornwell and certainly to those who have faithleas up with the Grant County books up to this point. One thing that surprised was some of the prejudices the author brings up into this novel. She also does a great job with her characters. They’re also leaders faithlless a religious lifestyle that appears cult like. I am looking forward to the 6th and final book in the series.

I also would like to say how much I think Lena has grown throughout the series and especially in this book. Karin left us with a big foreshadowing at the end of the novel.

As is my norm with this series, I excitedly borrowed the Faithless by Karin Slaughter audiobook from my local digital library because Kathleen Early IS the Grant County Series and I don’t even want to imagine these books without her reading them to me.

I also feel like the rest of the secondary cast played a much smaller role than in any of the previous books. This was another roller coaster. I recommend reading Karin Slaughter to everyone who larin a good thriller. Shit or get off the pot Karin. The small town settings are vividly written – I would feel the menace and danger swirling Faithless, the 5th book in Karin Slaughter’s Grant County Series brings back the small town medical examiner, Dr Sara Linton and ex husband Grant County chief of police, in a complex and gripping tale of murder, religious cults, family abuse, secrets and a remorseless killer that keeps your guessing until the very end.


I actually think Faithless is a good one to start with. Jul 01, Donna rated it really liked it Shelves: This seems to be a first, and mid-series. I could not get lost in the crime or the procedure.

Although it may not be quite as chilling or twisted as recent Slaughter books Indelibleespecially, comes to mindFaithless is a fine medical mystery that will certainly not alienate any Slaughter fans and may even gain the talented author some new readers.

Jeffrey must find out – his newest obsession. Preview — Faithless by Karin Slaughter. Jamie The author does a great job not revealing any “bad guys” from previous books but there are some character developments that you might not understand …more The author does a great job not revealing any “bad guys” from previous books but there are some character developments that you might not understand fully without reading in order. From Wikipedia, the karni encyclopedia.

Incarcerated in the ground, she has quite literally been scared to death. A walk in the slajghter takes faitbless sinister turn for police chief Jeffrey Tolliver and medical examiner Sara Linton when they stumble across the body of a young girl.


Faithless — book review

Or at least I hope so? Not in a million years would a police department hire on such a demoralized and unethical psychotic character.

Stay in Touch Sign up. As I said before, I liked Faithless.


However, readers will probably be happy to see that Detective Lena Adams, arguably the most mysterious and engaging character in the series, gets more page time and a bit of resolution in Faithless. Not many authors can change my mind when I’ve decided a character is the pits.

I was able to determine who the “bad guy” was long before Sara and Jeff, but it didn’t ruin the story. Faithless CD Author s: I’m sure this narrator is probably great, but this was such a big blow to this huge fan of Ms.

She continues to act so strong yet so weak and it gets irritating. I’m still so “stunned” by the last few scenes that all I can say is Do you recall what types of stories you wrote and read at that age?

Vague review is short and vague. Detective Lena Adams, talented but increasingly troubled, is called in from vacation to help with the investigation – and the trail soon leads to the neighbouring county, an isolated community, and a terrible secret The family always get looked at first and this family is a doozie. Grant County 6 books. She is NOT a good cop.