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Tanusha ne – In Upper Reka there are no paid mourners crying women.

Today, Reka has remained poor and deserted, with almost no people at all, it has become a lost world. Pasi Bogumil Hrabak, Arbanashki upadi…, vep. Qyteti ka mbi 1. This paper deals with the songs that the Rekans dedicated to migration, with their spirit and message, with the Rekan word which mark a phenomenon that starts from the hopes for a better life and continues with the spiritual sufferings for the abandoned homeland. Trumza, po aty, f.

Seen primordially, the religious tradition lies on the essence of the formation of cultures and civilizations.

abdesi |

III,Skopje, str. III, Shkup,f.

In his poems he emphasizes the need for awakening, illumination, civilization, organization and armed struggle of the Albanians against the occupiers. In the paper, we will also provide suggestions for a new chance of the economic revitalization and development of these areas.

All of these represent the life and culture of the talja of this Albanian inhabited region.


Falja e Namazit per Fillestar..

Reka, Serb military, rebels, Albanian resistance. These obstacles were further aggravated by the very low level of educated masses. The paper in question aims at dealing with these two cults by utilizing certain falua, mainly of a mythological character.

He was arrested in the early s, namelythe reason being the violation of the r order by his national convictions. Among other things, the author emphasizes the raise of national awareness and the education of broad masses in Albanian language.

The clothing with a long shirt and two aprons appear in these variants: This all made the following generations lose every trace of pfr original background and declare themselves as members of another community, i. Me nxitim e me shie Grupet konsonantike pl, bl, fl. Cries have now become extinct both in the Islamic and Christian Albanian Population, except in some areas such as Zajaz and in the Debar surroundings, i.

The money they earned was invested in their homeland, building thus big and beautiful houses with magnificent yards. The studying of this work will be of great historical importance for the region of Karshiaka and for ethnographic studies of Albanians in Macedonia and beyond. This is exactly the aim of our paper for this conference whose main topic is Reka and Rekans throughout history. Being a relatively large population present in both towns and villages in Western Macedonia eastern ethnic Albanian landstoday the Orthodox Albanian population has remained untouched in terms of the national aspect language, traditions, customs, clothing, etc.

Statovci — Halimi, Drita Hishi mari vasha ma zmetitni! O le na dale zhyr te lisi! The explanation was that he had died due to a heart attack. Pas vitit p. Orthodox Albanians in Macedonia could not even imagine to be representing an official community in this republic both at the time of former Yugoslavia and after the independence of Macedonia. The poet experiences very difficult spiritual moments. The Orthodox Albanians need to be told the truth; they need to know that they have been manipulated and deceived and that they have to return to their ethnic roots eventually.


All of these resources have not influenced the economic development of this region so far; on the contrary, their negligence by the former systems has caused the emptying of these regions and forceful abandonment in search for better life elsewhere — in neighboring towns or even abroad.

During his short yet very productive and fruitful life, he left behind a magnificent patriotic and illuminist deed.

si ta falim namazin e Ikindis

The second document is a manuscript in Albanian, again in Cyrillic letters found in the village of Nicipur of Fillesstar Reka dating back to In some regions, it was worn in a parallel way.

Ai mes tjerash shtoi se: Ju faleminderit dhe suksese! Prizren on the north, Gostivar and Kicevo on the east, and Debar on the southwest. Instituti Historikf.