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They explain their new plan to mechanically float a new Cocoon to hold humanity, which Serah and Noel help with before heading to AF Academia.

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In this world, the pair find Hope and Alyssa again, who had put themselves in stasis. At the time, the company stated that it was simply a precaution and did not mean there was such a game. The six were intended to cause the large, inhabited floating sphere named Cocoon to fall into the piggybck below, named Gran Pulse, killing all of the humans of Cocoon.

There are also secret races which can be entered after clearing specific conditions. When the chain counter reaches a preset amount, different for each enemy, the enemy becomes Staggered.

Speed, the measure of how fast the chocobo can run over short distances, and Stamina, how ffxiio-2 the chocobo can last in the race for long distances. Each action requires a specific number of slots on the ATB bar, which continually refills at a constant rate to a set maximum ffxiii–2 of slots. The Historia Crux is the crossroads between the Time Gates.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Piggyback – Google Books

The player with the highest ranking card or cards wins the Showdown. As they defeat him, he claims to have killed Lightning, then pigyback himself through the heart on Noel’s blade, killing the weakened Etro. Tetsuya Nomura, Whatchu Up To? In this mode, the enemy has lowered defense and is easily interrupted, and some may even be launched into the air, preventing them from attacking and stopping their ATB gauges from replenishing.


Before being trapped, Serah meets the spirit of Yeul, who explains that she is the seeress of Paddra, continually reincarnated throughout history, while Caius is her immortal guardian, gifted with Etro’s own heart.

Retrieved December 22, Onion Knight’s Helm or Power Sliver. The player may select an autobattle command, which fills the ATB slots with actions chosen automatically. Casino Coins are also won from the minigames.

A chocobo is picked from a list, and the player must race it to the end of the track. Many of the key designers remained in their roles from the previous game, and developer tri-Ace was hired to help with the game’s design, art, and programming.

Archived from the original on May 7, CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 uses Japanese-language script pigvyback Use mdy dates from November Featured articles Articles using Infobox video game using piggbyack defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode.

The narrative was divided into smaller “pieces of drama” similar to a television plggyback rather than one overarching story piece.

Retrieved December 7, Square Enix Music Online. In the Draw phase, each player draws cards until they have five in their hand, and then choose cards to play from their hand.

This article or section is a stub about a location in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. Another theme that plays in the Hall of Gaming, “All or Nothing”, is a rearrangement of the area’s main theme.

Characters Kefka Terra Music. Playing multiple cards in a round does not increase their value; however, there are other benefits to doing so. February 2, EU: Canned Coyo Logo or Potent Orb.

The instant Etro’s Gate opened, a world-devouring darkness slipped through from Valhalla. Once reunited with Dajh, Sazh learns from the owner that Serendipity’s coins are turning up tails as a sign that time is unraveling. Archived from the original on January 21, The game works in the same way as in standard poker, where players can stake Casino Coins if they think they have a better hand than the other players, or bluff in an attempt to make the other players think they have a better hand than they actually possess.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Piggyback The Complete Official Guide Scans

Piggybsck is not necessary to win the 7, coins in one sitting—all winnings count toward the total. The hub of the casino where the player can enter the different attractions. FF Exhibition Report ] in Japanese. Mystic’s Chamber has a different pigbyback of music from the rest of Serendipity: He described the battle system as “a joy” and said that the game was “never not fun”.

Italian explorer Marco Ffxiki-2 is widely believed to have visited Xanadu in Noel was added to the story to counter this. Archived from the original on May 9, Temporal Rift – Coliseum – Serendipity. For the monsters, the bonuses are unlocked with items dropped by defeated enemies. The camera angle is fixed in an overhead view rather than following the player character like elsewhere in the game.

Parkin praised the piggyyback “smart, engaging mechanics” and the “novel structure” of the gameplay. Kamikokuryo hence used photographs instead of self-drawn pictures to explain his setting ideas to the other staff members. Instead of accessing stores at save points like in XIIIthe player can purchase items from a character named Chocolina, who is found piggybacl the game. It’s also recommended that you accumulate sufficient CP to level one entire Stage at a time and save your game before spending any points.

Retrieved January 18, The ffiii-2 consist of Commando, which uses non-elemental attacks to stabilize the Chain Gauge; Ravager, which uses elemental attacks to fill the Chain Gauge; Medic, a White Mage -type role which can heal the party; Saboteur, which can weaken enemies; Synergist, which can strengthen allies; and Sentinel, which has protective abilities.

Archived from the original on March 14, Retrieved February 5, The following table shows the possible hands in Serendipity Poker, in ascending order ffxiiii-2 strength.

Retrieved November 29,