We are told that sex and love are part of the same instinct; I disagree. Love is a pleasant sensation of comfort we feel when we’re close to a special person. LIVRO EM DESTAQUE. DR. FLÁVIO NO YOUTUBE. Assine o FEED do canal do Dr. Flávio no Youtube e mantenha-se atualizado conforme novos vídeos são. As for his theoretic work, in he presented studies about sex therapy; his first and critically acclaimed book, published in , was about sex, love, and.

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Byhe had published around 20 books. That generates insecurity, because unpleasant and painful things can happen at any moment. The perpetrator is aware that what they are doing is wrong and that it will cause pain, yet they do it anyway. Domination and excessive compromise in a relationship belong in the past century.

Gikovate proposes that we reconsider our current worshipping of desire, since it serves to valorise casual sex, preserve selfishness flagio promote emotional immaturity — things that decent people have been trying to free themselves of for the longest time. From them on, we experience what are probably the worst days of our life: I have been writing about the fear of happiness since the late s, when an odd, unexpected idea came to my mind: Aggressive reactions are not necessarily cruel: While still in-utero, our brain develops in an environment filled with comfort, peace and harmony.

A strong one livrso be brave enough, because they know they can handle setbacks.

A Truly Strong Person

Love and freedom encounter another peculiar barrier, which is cultural conditioning. The truth, however, is that the fear of happiness seems to be universal, and I have gikpvate met anyone who did not feel it to some extent. These are beliefs, inherited points of view.


A french editor is also currently negotiating the rights. Everyone should be alone every once in a while to establish their internal vlavio and discover their personal strength.

Its rights have been sold to Spanish speaking countries, as well to the Middle East.

happiness | Dr. Flávio Gikovate

Up to that point, they had been happiest being held by their mothers, in a peace and comfort such as they lost at birth, feeling for their mothers what we call love. It creates a kind of conditioned response, so that when people achieve a sort of harmony and well-being similar to what they had experienced in utero— and nothing feels more like that than the comfort and closeness that come from a good romantic relationship—they immediately feel threatened, as if waiting for tragedy to strike.

For instance, he never shied away from using pharmacology when necessary, and benefited from experiences with psychoanalytic treatment, which he attended for five years, and behaviorist therapy he learned in the University of London in I attribute the human tendency to sabotage their own well-being to this traumatic experience, that affixes itself to the mind in an absolute manner. In the passing years, he published many studies about sex, love and married life; this would be the main theme of his life work.

At the same time, he shows that desire and arousal are very different phenomena: Nobody can be sure that their efforts, whether in the emotional, professional or social arena, will be successful.

A Truly Strong Person | Dr. Flávio Gikovate

But as for the really important stuff — health issues, the success or failure of their professional endeavors, studies or investments, natural tragedies such as floods, landslides and earthquakes and the death of loved ones — well, none of us has power over these issues. According to Gikovate, this is a sign that it is still poorly understood and far from a satisfactory resolution. They make a lot of noise, shout, are dramatic and even threaten violence.


Romantic love assumes that people are a fraction who must find their other half to be complete.

Many of us fear being livris, for reasons that can be somewhat inconsistent. He is also a frequent guest at the top-rated, most respected talk shows in Brazilian TV.

Flafio to that point, they had been happiest being held by their mothers, in a peace and comfort such as they lost at birth, feeling for their mothers what we call love.

When two people understand they are a whole person, their love is much healthier. A criticism of the traditional set of values; hr very clearly and courageously sees both selfish and generous personas as flawed; Selfishness exists only when juxtaposed against overt generosity or goodness ; however, a search for f,avio could be the answer for both social and individual relationship problems.

This assumption is also at the root of the theory that opposites attract, in which a partner should be what the other, supposedly incomplete person, is not; if one is quiet, the other should be combative, for instance.

From on, he deepened his studies on the nature of love, treating love separately from sexual issues, his first original and non-conventional position. Yet this kind of relationship causes both partners problems, for they will ultimately go through situations of sorrow and disappointment.

The one about male psychology and one about selfishness, and yet other about love and loneliness, are among his most popular books. His practice, however, remains his main activity.