A review of some of the most popular Fontainebleau bouldering guidebooks available, to help inspire you to choose the right one for your trip. Get all the necessary information for a successful trip to Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau. France. Buy topo. Info; Map; Topo; Photos; Stories; Travel info; Get topo Fontainebleau is the most popular bouldering destination in the world and a. 5 + 6 Fontainebleau Bouldering Guidebook (topo) details the location of thousands of medium to difficult straight up boulder problems that are graded between.

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Do a good taper. Pof a sticky dried pine resin contained in a cloth is commonly used in Font especially by the some of the older, more old-school locals.

Top editors by karma.

Boulderijg your elbows, do these exercisesthey will help stave off the dreaded Font Elbow. Where working a problem use an analytical approach, check the topout, makes sure you have found all the holds, have a good think about the sequence before you pull on. Return to rock climbing in Fontainebleau. For a first visit I would recommend not missing: Also showers for non-residents!

A Beginner’s Guide To Bouldering In Fontainebleau – Ellis Brigham Blog

To the OP – if you get fed up of the polish and pof at the classic venues, if you go off the beaten track the rock improves dramatically – there are even climbable slabs out there Font is the spiritual home of bouldering and it was initially used by Parisian as means of training for the Alps.


History View historical timeline the Paris Alpin club marked the first parcours to practice techniques for the higher montains. More information about the train network on the Transilien websiteincluding this map of the network.

In reply to Stefan Kruger: Although if you’re looking for a particular problem you’ll probably want a guide as well. Generally, a bouldernig is recommended to reach most of the sectors. Check out the grade comparison table on the left to get a rough idea of how the grades compare to the V system and route grades.

The tiny edges known as grattons will test you edging ability. Discover the gem routes in Fontainebleau fontinebleau get the most out of your trip! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When working a problem in a group the pads can become a mess, overlapping and positioned badly.

Any idea which one is the best? Also it gives a little heart symbol for particularly nice problems, which is nice. The best resource for information about Fontainebleau bouldering is bleau.

Africa and the Middle East. If you have specific problems in mind try them when they are in shade, it makes a huge difference. The climbing itself is immensely technical and tiny footholds, balancy moves, sloupers and mantel top outs are all well represented.


Published in May 2nd edition it covers 4, straight up problems, and is written in English text throughout. Use chalk with caution and brush it off afterwards. See all contributors Karma.

In reply to RossKirtley: Users must remember climbing is a dangerous sport and must rely on their own judgment and skill. There are plenty of low cost airlines that fly into Paris and its satellite airports that offer good deals, although you may get stung on haulage costs for your mat.


Shopping For food the best option is the massive Carrefour in Villers-en-Bierethere are also fontainebleaau other smaller supermarkets in Milly, Neumors, Fontainebleau Town. You can can also find roofs, jug hauls, dynos and such, if you know where to look for them.

Fontainebleau, Bouldering | theCrag

Boulvering outside as much as possible, seek out technical slabs, walls, aretes and tricky topouts. Vol 1 by Jackt Godoffe. New Topic Reply to Topic. Sabots on a busy day could put someone like me off bouldering for good. Doug on 21 Feb But on the positive side there are thousands of problems and something to suit everyone, granted it might take years to find it, but somewhere out there is a hard problem, that will suit your style perfectly.

5 + 6 Fontainebleau Bouldering Guidebook – Central and Southern

The following areas are included: Baton Wicks Publications 24 April Author: In the summer months there is a leisure centre at Buithers with swimming pools and lots of stuff for fonntainebleau. There are also the smaller airports of Beauvias which is used by Ryanairthis is the least convenient of the airports minute drive from the forest and Orly which is very convenient 45 minute drive.

Description The holy grail of bouldering.