Funjet Ultra Power Set – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: grams, 70 odd grams (too many stickers? The Funjet Ultra is the latest version of the very popular Funjet. Many have put the earlier Funjet through its paces. The. Multiplex Funjet Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Multiplex Funjet Building Instructions.

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I saw that your review said 31oz, was that the manufacturers details or the weight of the actual model?

HITEC FunJet Ultra User Manual

Errors and carelessness in building and flying the model can result in serious personal injury and damage to property. Should your motor not be rotating the right direction, simply swap any manhal of the three wires connecting your motor to the ESC. Love the Zombie tunes! Not only did it provide as a gateway to more relaxed park style flying, it also served as quite a funmet individuals first foray into the world of speed.

Great review I’m going to have to get one of these. Last but not least slip the self-aligning black motor mount into place on the rear of the fuse and glue it into place.

Multiplex FunJet Ultra Review

Well as it turns out, Multiplex ultfa watching and listening to what folks were doing with their product, and low and behold the Ulgra Ultra was born. Also, make sure you’ve selected high rates for the launch as you’ll want as much aileron throw to counteract that torque roll as possible should you need it.

Nov 03, Mine which is built, but not flown yet, comes in at an AUW of 34oz g with a mAh battery. It has the Funjet Ultra Power Set. How come nothing mentioned about the price in dislikes. Assembling the powerplant starts by mating up the brushless outrunner motor to the provided aluminum mount with the screws included in the kit.


The provided hardware all appears to be of the high standards Multiplex are known for, and the decals are thick and very vibrantly colored. It’s not cheap, easy to manufacture beer cooler foam that can be bought in such large bulk. Please be sure to fill in the complaint form, duly completed.

C – brushless motor. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Elapor foam construction Nice complete hardware package Big time speed right out of the box Bright, easy to see decals Maual manual.

MULTIPLEX Funjet Ultra Power Set User Manual – Page 1 of 11 |

Installing the wings on the Ultra FunJet is a snap, and starts by seating the servos in their pre-formed servo bays on the underside of the wing. Jun 30, MULTIPLEX model kits are subject to constant quality checks throughout the production process, and we sincerely hope that you are completely satisfied with the contents of your kit. Images View all Images in thread.

Why does this small foam airframe cost so much? That uptra feed the “Ultra” in the FunJets’ needs huh?? I thought foam was supposed to be inexpensive.

That said, those of you with a bit less experience looking for something similar to the FunJet Ultra should have a quick look at the “regular” FunJet which this plane is based off of.

Compared to the micro warbirds and mini mustang which can be launched just about vertically we’ve been cruising around as of late, I would call this “slightly” above, but as I said I can see how that is open for interpretation Don. It’s not unusual for high performance pusher planes to exhibit a good amount of torque roll on take off, and the FunJet is no exception to that rule. Looks like it really cooks with the recommended setup.


Don’t be shy with the glue here, as we want to make sure the motor stays firmly connected to the fuselage. The upgraded motor mount does not have the “position pin” located on the bottom side of the mount like the stock unit does so setting the thrust angle must be done by eye. As I personally use Deans connectors on all my batteries, I ended up replacing the supplied connectors on the ESC with ones I sourced from my local hobby shop. The multi-language instruction manual has very detailed pictures and includes a very nice step by step guide for each stage of the assembly process.

HITEC FunJet Ultra User Manual | Page 16 / 32 | Original mode

Roll out of the throttle once you are certain you will hit your touchdown point, and simply “fly the plane” to ground. Assembly of the fuselage starts by opening manuao a couple of holes for our servo leads to run thru, then attaching our completed wing halves to the fuselage, and finally securing the turtledeck. At 65C, this pack is able to supply a whopping A of max cont.