Exhaust Pipe Venting Information . Manual reset switches are factory installed on burner box. after unit lockout, eliminating nuisance calls for service. Repair Parts List. 69 Refer to Engineering Handbook for additional information. **Consider . G61MPV units are CSA International certified to ANSI. Z Installation and service must be per- formed by a information, consult material safety data sheets available shut off the manual gas valve to the furnace before shutting off . G61MPV units are equipped with a SureLight® ignition sys- tem.

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Lennox G61MPV Service Manual

Dehumidification mode begins when relative humidity is greater than setpoint. With fan switch in AUTO position, blower cycles with demand or runs continuously while heating or cooling circuit cycles. Blower speed ramping may be used to enhance dehumidification performance. Replace cap after draining.

After a factory default 10 minute recognition period, the unit will switch to second stage heat. Longer run times of at least 5 minutes will alleviate most icing problems. It may be necessary to cut the exiting exhaust pipe for removal of the fittings. Turn off power to unit. Close manual and main gas valves. V Typical Operating Characteristics. The longer infofmation pulse, the faster the motor.


Before servicing, disconnect all electrical power to furnace. Blower should operate at low cool speed. Replace broken line if required. Off Off Y2 Humidity level is slightly 1 above setpoint. S10 is provided with a shield on some models figure 18 and must not be removed. Verify 24VAC between pins 1 and 12 using a multimeter. Motor Start-Up When B3 begins start-up, the motor gently vibrates back and forth for a moment.

Combustion gases are g61mp pulled through the primary and secondary heat exchangers and exhausted out the exhaust vent pipe. G61MPV informatiin are avail. The board and ignitor work in combination to ensure furnace ignition litertaure ignitor durability. Thermostat dip switch selection dictates which mode unit will operate in. Off Off Y1 or Y2 Humidity level is significantly above setpoint 2 or more.

Blower should operate at high heat speed. When exhaust and intake piping must be run up an outside wall, the exhaust piping must be terminated invormation pipe sized per table Because these motors have a permanent magnet rotor it does not need brushes like conventional DC motors.

Then Slide Out Front of Unit.

G61MPV Service Literature G61MPV SERIES UNITS |

Remove combustion air inducer assembly. A pilot indentation is provided in the which could cause an unsafe condition. Suspend piping using hangers at a minimum of every 5 feet 1. Remove any obstacles in front of the intake and exhaust vent swrvice would cause literatur.


The air flow is determine by counting blinks between two 2 second pauses. Page of Go. In horizontal applications, the condensate trap should extend below the unit. Neutralize electrostatic charge by touching hand and all tools on an unpainted unit surface, such as the gas valve or blower deck, before performing any service procedure.

The unit is shipped from the factory with the dip switches informatkon for medium low 2 speed indoor blower motor operation during the heating mode. The LED is lit during normal blower operation and is off during a dehumidification demand.

Follow procedures outlined in Burner Cleaning section. Clean the sensor rod with steel wool or replace sensor.

The shutdown feature provides protection in case of a frozen bearing or blocked blower wheel. Take care to keep excess cement out of socket. Resistance between any two terminals should be greater than K ohms. In addition there is a 24 volt accessory terminal located on TB1. Do not attempt to manually informatiln burners on this furnace.

Remove four screws which secure combustion air inducer to collector box. Correctly insert connector into control.