हिंदी कविता जब कोई रूठ जाये रंग जीवन का उड़ा आँखों से सपना बह गया खो गई सारी खुशियाँ बस खोखला शरीर रह. Maine Gandhi Vadh Kyu Kiya (Hindi Translation of Why I Assassinated Gandhi) ( Hindi) Paperback – Author interviews, book reviews, editors picks, and more. 11 सितंबर Labels: book by nathuram godse, download gandhi vadh kyon hindi, gandhi vadh, gandhi vadh kyon, nathuram godse, गाँधी वध क्यों.

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Gandhi time and again put himself and his ideals above the will of the people. It has been converted to a book form kyn his younger brother, who was also imprisoned as a co-conspirator for abetment and was imprisoned for life released in after serving 16 years. This book is absoultely very truth. I love your blog.

He often wrote articles in newspapers to publicise his thoughts. India, Rebellion to Republic: Can anybody provide the download link of this book??

History Politics Books Buy Online

Communal people have no moral feeling or sympathy to anyone. Women were raped, children were killed, whole dynasty of most of the families did extinct in civil riots but gwndhi was saving his ass in the Birla house, British donation to one of the many Indian Sycophants. Must read for those even remotely interested in contemporary politics.

Notify me of new comments via email. All the evils described and decried by Mr. The This book contains Godse’s very eloquent, compelling and heartfelt statement in court, followed by a description of events that happened before and after the judgment.

A deeply engrossing, highly provocative and powerfully reflective read, this book forces the reader to re-examine the foundations of the philosophy of Gandhi and makes him compare it to that of Nathuram’s own in order to search for an answer to whether this act was right or wrong. Godse read his statement and argued his case and I can’t help but agree with the judge when he says, “Had it been a jury, Mr. Godse handled the entire trial and his surrender to police kyno praise worthy.


However kyno reading this book, I am sure of this, that the real reason this book was banned is not because it is the last statement of a villainous fanatic atleast that’s how he was made out to be but because it was a rather objective and highly incisive argument that shatter Most people I have discussed Gandhi’s murder with have suggested that Nathuram Godse’s statement was banned by the Government of India, as it was merely an attempt by a violent Hindu fanatic trying to justify his stance.

Anyone got any idea as to how or where to buy one? Minority appeasement should stop for a just society gandni emerge. But why ban this book then? The composure, intellect with which Mr.

Why I Assassinated Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse

Jun 23, Mohit Garg rated it really liked it. His pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu philosophy is what is the basis of today’s so called Seculars Sick-ulars.

The Book on Trial: I don’t want any type of favor. The gwndhi seems well formed. Its not to change your view about Mahatma Gandhi or Nathuram Godse, its about to know what was the prevailing situation for Godse to take this severe steps of assassination. You wont have to do anything, they will ensure you are dead.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I have read this book. Godse joined RSS in Sangli Maharashtra in as a boudhik karyawah ground workerand simultaneously remained a member of the Hindu Mahasabhaboth right wing organizations. Well what ever behis decision to eliminate Gandhiji can never be accepted as sane,but at least some of the points which he puts forward seems to be genuine This book I suggest for all those who want to understand the history of India and I pray those who decide to read approach the book with a clear mindset This books publisher is “SatyaDharm Publication, Delhi.


Fandhi felt similarly in the recent Anna Hazare case too.

Quotes from Why I Assassinate But the saving grace is that I and some of my ilk have seen through their ugly and cowardly agenda. This triggered the most massive exodus of refugees in the world fleeing on both sides of the newly created India-Pakistan borders. It gives a great insight into the way Godse thought and the events leading to the assasination. The book is really impressing and showcasing the real scenario of the time that we most of present citizens of India are unaware of.


HE has their own reasons which cannot be ignored specially when the INDIA needs the gxndhi in our society and if these things were happening, was unfortunate for INDIA but still he had to be more patient. Good read to understand some of the censored events in history. Dear Rahulji, I am illiterate or tgnorent…this much I could vadn. After that i was in reconciling. The lucidity of his thought and the structure of his statement show a logical mind.

Both the intelligent class and mass which were kept in dark came to know of the stand of Godse.