Look at gilksy1’s ylod fix on you tube. With a $25 heat gun and a tube of new thermal compound you can fix your ps3 in about an hour. Worked. ok i have done gilksy’s YLOD fix but it failed, if i can get a spare/workin YLOD REPAIR VIDEOS YLOD. This is Aidan’s YLOD repair guide~! *guitar solo* He’d made a PDF, and can be found on youtube right here: YouTube – gilksy1’s Channel.

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Adziboy Follow Forum Posts: Would you like to get all the new buzz from Dashhacks in your email each day? The problem is that when heating, these chips are pushed very close to their maximum heat rating so it’s very risky. Up north in Sunderland. One of the difficulties when researching this was finding out how long a fix would last, you’d find elated responses that a method worked but then several more saying “yeah I’ve fixed mine about 5 times now and I’ve also seem too many posts saying that this can irreparably damage your console, so it can work for a few hours but once it breaks you can’t get it working ever again.

Next will be the heat gun that can hit oF Unfortunately there are several items on the HDD that are irreplaceable graduation photos, purchased music, saved games, etc and the data must be retrieved. The common quote is “YLOD is an over heating issue that causes a hardware malfunction. I don’t see it as a good option.


Do all Ylod’s arise outta the same issue? So I’ve got absolutely no way to access the data other than by repairing the console and then transferring the data when it’s up and running. It’s the most cost efficient, fastest chance of gilkey1 my data and disc back. By dulluMarch 27, in Techzone. Want to learn more about the team who brings you the Dash Hacks news?

This repetitious expansion and contraction is handled fine with leaded solder but the lead free solder will diminish and cracks will form after time. Originally Posted by colinjester. Doesn’t work for 60 gb PS3’s.

May 1, Posts: Sony is once again responsible on account of failing to meet certain quality parameters w. It looks like buying one of these might be a wise purchase too. Please Log In to post. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. True that, Opening PS3 is very very easy. Does involve lots of steps Being the EE that I am, I’m always up for a little electronics challenge.

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After opening ‘Disk Management’ I could see the drive but it was not accessible. Prepare updates new all info for all wait me updates. Additional cables and controllers may not find their way back to you.

Yellow Light of death and stuck disk HELP!!!

Here’s a gillksy1 explination of that method I found: Both sounded a little too reckless for both the disc and the drive. Yes, my password is: They seem to be pretty cheap but very loud. So it looks like many have decided to follow Gilksy’s method and have had great results. I found a few posts about owners sending their PS3s back to Sony to repair and warned to make sure you only send the console itself, because that’s all they need.


There were many people talking about how they scammed their stores by using the ‘towel around the PS3 and shooting a hair dryer into the vents for 20 mins” method, which would get the system working for a few hours enough to back up data and sell it as a working console to a game shop. If Your Warranty has expired than you should consider opening the console and taking the disc.

There seem to be many sites with sporadic links and sources to good sites so since I’m putting in a lot of effort finding this information I wanted to log the elements that helped me fix the YLOD and share the information so you can fix yours too.

Gilksy’s Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide | Digiex

Flux acts as a lubricant for the solder and allows it to attach to the pads with a much cleaner and better spread. Its out of it warranty i got it the first day ps3 was launched Bring back dix main forum list.

These extreme heat methods aim to get the solder to a melting point, this process is called reflow. Cheers for the tip printing of instructions now but it should be pretty simple to follow by the looks of it.