The GOM TRITOP system measures coordinates of 3D objects quickly and accurately by taking photographs, and is used within Photogrammetry. Our ARAMIS platform implements 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) provides full field strain and displacements measurements. Contact us today to learn more. Find out all of the information about the GOM product: portable coordinate measuring machine / optical TRITOP. Contact a supplier or the parent company .

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These tfitop can be presented in diagrams, directly on CAD data or superimposed onto the recorded camera images providing an easy to understand and intuitive result presentation.

Photogrammetry (CMM)

GOM first-time users System: The local coordinate system in the software makes it possible to perform local or drawing-based evaluations. Teaching by doing means there is no longer any need to allow for programming time.


The local coordinate systems also form the basis for 6DoF analysis. Operators can also generate attractive video sequences from the deformation evaluations. In addition, image mapping also allows fast and easy project navigation during analysis.

Image mapping is therefore one supporting element in the presentation of results.

After the 3D coordinates have been determined, the measurement mathematically fom transformed into the coordinate system of the component: Precise Industrial 3D Metrology. To do so, they first learn how to use alignments and point components and use a vector field to show the deviation of tom and display the results in diagrams and tables. All evaluation steps can be traced and therefore easily modified and adjusted.

Social Media Connect with us for news, events, trends and careers. To make this possible, inspection points are divided into coherent groups. We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website. Adjustable report templates are used to tailor measurement reports precisely to individual measuring tasks. A user-friendly graphical interface enables operators to process trittop evaluate the measurement data.


The training course comprises an acquisition module and an inspection module. Spreadsheets in VDA format, for example, are available for doing so. Shifting the reference points makes it possible to determine the movements and deformation of all components in a particular object.

Verification of plastic parts, e. Transformations or corrections to rigid body movements can then be calculated for these components. A one-button solution updates all tritoo elements automatically after changes have been gomm. We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website.

TRITOP Professional | GOM

We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website. Introduction to the TRITOP camera and software Photogrammetry basics Manual vom of simple and complex trirop Simple inspection and parametric inspection Evaluation of multiple stages Camera handling Correct use of shooting techniques Preparation of measuring objects — handling of reference points Handling flat measuring objects Handling particularly large measuring objects Evaluation of photogrammetric images Alignment methods Inspection planning — working with project goom Working with tables and diagrams Customizing the display of results Creation of reports.

Measuring tasks that traditionally were performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now easily be carried out with the TRITOP system. Individual color-coded CAD deviations and vector displacements can be visualized easily within the color images.

trihop In the inspection module, the attendees analyze the 3D point cloud they created on the first day of the training. Precise Industrial 3D Metrology. Social Media Connect with us for news, events, trends and careers. The TRITOP software supports work in quality control and component testing in the field of modern development and manufacturing processes.

Workflows used to evaluate single or multiple components can therefore be standardized in order to save time and money. Users are given immediate feedback on whether an image is too bright, too dark or out of focus.


Dual-coded points are detected automatically. They become acquainted with different measuring strategies and, supported by the GOM trainer, measure small and large measuring objects. It does not require any complex, heavy and maintenance-intensive hardware.

As with tactile coordinate measuring machines TRITOP records the coordinates and their orientation in space for any feature of interest:. Fields of Application Inspection of sheet metal parts and car bodies, e. They define and analyze motions and deformations on the basis of a component concept. Evaluation features are available for the deformation analysis of points. The basic software functions include capturing measurement points and processing them to model 3D point clouds as well as monitoring image quality.

The measured and aligned data is used for various tasks: TRITOP is an optical, mobile, gon system, which accurately defines the 3D coordinates of object points at trotop conditions. The TRITOP measurement system and the matching software can be used to measure and inspect not only small components but also larger parts such as are used in the construction of trains, ships and wind power units. Surface points and sections Primitives Holes, punch holes and edges Diameters, lengths, angles Gmo that operators can work with a trritop image during all work phases, an image from one stage can be displayed through several stages in TRITOP multiphase projects.

Social Media Connect with us for news, events, trends and careers. A timeline integrated in the graphical interface supports the management of multi-stage projects, for example in statistical process control SPC and deformation analysis. The software can be operated via a single button and tgitop helps simplify the entire process, so that inspection tasks can be performed at speed.